Wonder pulses through every atom of creation & through every precious one of us. (Cindee Snider Re)


Wonderto be amazed, enthralled, curious, awestruck, fascinated, surprised, transfixed

I want to feel all those things often, yet pain and illness coat my days with an opaque film of brain fog and fatigue. How can I stand transfixed by wonder when I’m exhausted, lonely, and dispirited?

Yet wonder is an invitation to peel back the film and be captivated by the morning light sparkling, surprised by an iridescent dragonfly, transfixed by the the Spirit in every atom of creation.

Wonder invites us to let the brokenness slide off our shoulders for a while.

Paraphrasing Psalm 33:8, with breathtaking wonder, let everyone worship Yahweh, this awe-inspiring Creator. The wonder of creation beckons us to see and savor the Lord, to worship the One who spoke everything into being.


Nearly a decade ago, four of our five kids and I had just been diagnosed with serious, chronic illness. As our world grew increasingly antiseptic, exhaustion obliterated wonder, industrial floor cleaners scrubbed away surprise, medical research eclipsed awe, and curiosity was neatly cut out by the scalpel of loss.

But when we lose the wonder of God’s creation, we lose the wonder of who He is and who we were created to be in Him. God created this astonishing universe with a word, speaking all creation into being. He created over 100 billion stars, and He knows all of them by name. He knows every sparrow that falls, every hair on our heads, and every day of our lives before even one of them comes to be.

When a friend reached out and invited me to shoot the cover of her forthcoming e-book, I hadn’t picked up my camera in months, but I suddenly recognized how dry and dusty my soul had grown, and I felt a bright little spark of curiosity. I was thirsty for hope. Hungry for beauty. And desperate for wonder.



Everything in creation is full of wonder. We are full of wonder. Our broken bodies and minds might not feel full of wonder, but they are because God is present in every detail of His creation.

In Mark 9:15, we read:  As soon as all the people saw Jesus, they were:

  • filled with wonder NIRV
  • overwhelmed with wonder NIV
  • overcome with awe NRSV
  • astounded NTE

Each of us is unique and one of a kind, purposed and loved beyond comprehension, full of awe and wonder, for we are created by God, for God, and in His image. Every strand of our DNA carries God’s holy imprint.

When was the last time you were astonished by the wonder of God?


Today, Step outside. Close your eyes. Breathe deep. Relax your shoulders. And feel the sun on your face. How does the air smell? What is beneath your feet?

Do you hear the breeze whispering in the pines, a bird singing, or an insect buzzing? How many sounds can you identify?

Open your eyes. Notice the patterns of light and shadow. Notice colors and shapes. Pay attention to movement. What catches your eye?

Watch your shadow as you walk. Where do you sense God moving in the shadows? How is He meeting you in the dark?

Darkness, too, is important. It existed before light and was the canvas for God’s creation. “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep…” (Genesis 1:1-2)

Wonder pulses through every atom of creation and through every precious one of us. It is in the faces of those around us, the sunlight streaming through the window, the ladybug perched on the windowsill.

Remember that e-book cover I was invited to shoot? I picked up my camera and rediscovered wonder right where I was … in my daughter’s critical care hospital room

Are you ready to peel back the corner of the film covering your days and let your soul begin to breathe?

Wonder is waiting for you!


1. Where do you see God’s fingerprint today?

2. How does creation help you to step into God’s presence, to know Him better, to long to know Him more?

3. How is God meeting you in the dark?

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Cindee Snider Re

Cindee Snider Re

Author, Designer, and Co-Founder of Chronic Joy®

Cindee is married to the man she loves most in this world, Mom to five adult kids plus a son- and daughter-in-love, and Lolli to an adorable grandbaby. She and four of her kids have Ehlers-Danlos and myriad co-existing conditions. While a life steeped in illness is not what she would have chosen, through it, she’s learning that the deeper the valley, the greater her capacity for joy.

Cindee is the author of Discovering Hope, Finding Purpose, Embracing Worth, and I Take You in Sickness and in Health.

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