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Waves of Grief in Chronic Illness

Grief is the uninvited visitor who barges in, brutally reminding you of every loss. You fight it, resist it, and want to chase it away. Sometimes you can. Sometimes you refocus and remember all the good things left to enjoy, but some days the battle rages as you dodge wave after wave after wave.


waves of grief

What is My Purpose? Do Small Things with Great Love

Despite chronic pain, despite disabilities and limitations, despite whatever restrictions you are facing, there is purpose for your life – things only you can do, words only you can say, tasks only you will see need doing. Choose to love daily. It is the highest purpose of your life.


Who can I love today? It's the daily question of my heart.

The Shame of Chronic Illness and Pain

I am speaking out my shame in chronic illness so that it can no longer chain me with its lies. ... shame has taken up in my thoughts, so that we can tear down its stronghold.


If we speak shame, it begins to wither. ~ Brené Brown
Happy Bubbles

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