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Worry and Concern – An Allegory

When I joined the Feedback Team for Finding Purpose, Book 2 in Chronic Joy’s THRIVE Study Series, I was so intrigued by the activities included with the study questions. One of the options was an invitation to write an allegory based on the differences between worry and concern. Writing this story became a way to explore…

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Finding Purpose

The Reason Behind the Writing Today is Launch Day for FINDING PURPOSE: Rediscovering Meaning in a Life with Chronic Illness, book two in the Chronic Joy Thrive Series. Why did I write this book? Honestly, I didn’t want to. Not because I believe Biblical purpose is unimportant, but because I was afraid I couldn’t wrestle…

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A Sacred Journey Through Suffering: Clinging to God Through Chronic Illness

Five years have passed since the words, “No cure,” were spoken to me. Five years since I moved from independent to dependent, stripped of self-reliance and the illusion of control, the first of the hardest days of my life with a complicated chronic illness. My days became about survival and overcoming anxiety. Any resemblance of…

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He Gets It

There’s been a dramatic shift in my understanding of the cross and of the day we call Good Friday. My parents are Christians and so the crucifixion and resurrection were familiar to me from early on. I remember as a small child growing so frustrated that Jesus didn’t just call down His angels from heaven…

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Lashing Out at Myself

I was born with a certain level of anxiety in my blood—an electric edge that keeps me vigilant, wise, creative, and, arguably, a little humorous at times. As a child, I funneled much of my worst-case-scenario thinking into colorful stories that helped me face pain and fear head-on while developing an imagination that would shape…

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Hope When You Can’t Fix It

Some situations feel like a never-ending circle. I go around and around never getting anywhere. But still, I feel like there must be something I can do. So, I keep trying. And I keep getting nowhere. One situation has been going on for years. I’ve been praying. I’ve been searching Scripture. I’ve been having frank conversations with…

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His Strength Is Greater Than My Pain

We have a very special post to share with you today from Sarah Walton, a mom with Lyme Disease raising four young children with Lyme Disease, and her friend, Kristen Wetherall, who also has Lyme and is mom to a brand new baby girl. Sarah writes: "Though there are times when pain can seem almost unbearable, we have a hope that much of the suffering world does not know. While you naturally desire the healing of your body or your mind, Jesus desires the healing of your soul above all."

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