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Crochet with a Purpose

I call my hobby “crocheting with a purpose” because when I crochet something as a gift, I pray for the recipient. With every stitch, I pray. 


"When I give my small gift, which has been crocheted with the love of Jesus and covered in prayer, I feel that God has worked through me for His purpose in my life...." MaryAnne Constantine

Awareness of Small Things

I think God has an admirable awareness of the small things, big as He is. I think it all does mean something, even if I don’t know what.


“The things that make God dear to us are not so much His great big blessings as the tiny things, because they show His amazing intimacy with us; He knows every detail of our individual lives.”

Imagination Fuels Creativity

God uniquely created each of us in His image and with ability to create, if only in a small way. Our God-given imagination fuels creativity. It can help us tell stories to encourage others, bring beauty through words and art, help us work through difficult situations, or to entertain and make someone happy.


"Imagination fuels creativity." Gayl Wright

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