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Wounds into Words

Writing about pain is both necessary and difficult. Pain is eased by being moved and writing a poem about pain gets it moving. In Andrea Potos’ poem, we don’t know what her wounds are – only that the cello is speaking to those hurting places, encouraging them to become something beautiful.


"What music helps heal your wounds? It could be an instrument, a song, a musical, a dirge, or a theme song ... Instead of writing about the wound, write about the music." Megan Willome

Crochet with a Purpose

I call my hobby “crocheting with a purpose” because when I crochet something as a gift, I pray for the recipient. With every stitch, I pray. 


"When I give my small gift, which has been crocheted with the love of Jesus and covered in prayer, I feel that God has worked through me for His purpose in my life...." MaryAnne Constantine

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