Self-Care • Kindness Multiplied


Kindness Multiplied

When we are kind and generous with ourselves, we can pour kindness and love overflowing into others. Take time and take care of you, because you are God’s beloved.

Don’t you know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who comes from God and dwells inside of you? You do not own yourself. You have been purchased at a great price, so use your body to bring glory to God! 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 VOICE

“Caring for our own hearts isn’t selfishness, it’s how we begin to love.” John Eldredge

Self-Care Saturdays or Any Day

Little Moments of TLC for YOU!

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In the Midst of Grief • Navigating loss, suffering, and chronic sorrow in chronic illness.


Mourning Our Losses • Grief is no stranger to those of us affected by chronic illness, pain, suffering, and while there are no rules for grieving chronic loss, there is a road map and there are fellow travelers ahead of and behind us on the journey. Grief often precedes growth. LEARN MORE.


The Joy of Photography



Notice. Click. Treasure. Enjoy!  Photography invites us to rediscover the wonder and beauty of God’s creation – vibrant colors, light and shadows, the everyday and the unusual – one-click at a time. LEARN MORE.


Contemplative Coloring • Coloring your way closer to God.

Coloring your way closer to God. Contemplative coloring draws us into the presence of God as we release stress, anxiety, and worries. Color you way closer to God and explore your creativity with hues of red, yellow, blue, vibrant and pastel. LEARN MORE.


You're Invited to Listen. Real Voices. One-on-One Storytelling. Anytime and in Any Place.

Real Voices. One-on-One Storytelling. Anytime and in Any Place. You’re invited to listen to 200+ Audio Blogs. Simply click the listen button at the top of a post. Real Voices. One-on-One Storytelling. Anytime and in Any Place. LEARN MORE.


Creative Sparks • Be Brave. Be Curious. Create!

Though few of us would call ourselves creative, that amazing grace-gift is woven straight into our DNA. As we engage with God, He ignites our curiosity, waking us to wonder and the joy of possibility. Today, be brave. Be curious. Create!. LEARN MORE.


Prayer Pond

Your Safe Harbor for Prayer.  Share prayer requests, updates, and shouts of praise. It’s safe, secure, and always without judgement. LEARN MORE.


Sparking Wonder • An Adventure in Awe & Delight

AN ADVENTURE IN AWE & DELIGHT • Savor God’s holy fingerprint in every atom of creation, engage your senses and cultivate curiosity, listen for the Spirit’s still small voice, and delight in God’s extraordinary creativity. All of creation pulses with God’s creativity! LEARN MORE.



#PenToPaper is a heartfelt ministry of time.  A gift of hope and encouragement, and a reminder to someone that they are thought of, cared about, and prayed for. LEARN MORE.


Books We Love

Looking for a GREAT BOOKsomething encouraging, inspiring or educational? We’ve handpicked outstanding books – Books We Love – JUST FOR YOU!


Intentional Kindness • Show up. Lean In. And be intentionally kind.

Show up. Lean in. And be intentionally kind. Kindness is love in action. It shapes the relationships between us and builds a strong foundation of deeply caring and faith-enriched communities. LEARN MORE.


Emotions Wheel • How Do You Really Feel?


How do you really feel? • When we give ourselves permission to ask the question – How do I really feel? – we may notice the emotional nuances of feeling bad, afraid, angry, disgust, sad, happy, and surprised. LEARN MORE.


Gift of Hope

Hope is Possible. Sometimes we just need to know that someone cares, that our stories matter, that hope is possible – even in a life with chronic illness, even through sustained loss, even in the midst of debilitating pain. LEARN MORE.

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