I Take You in Sickness & in Health: Marriage with Chronic Illness

I Take You in Sickness & in Health

  • Has chronic illness entered your marriage like a third person?
  • Has communication become stressful, unsettling, or difficult?
  • Are differences defining your relationship?
  • Has bitterness crept in with the shadows?
  • Are financial difficulties causing conflict?
  • Has your sex life changed or even disappeared?
  • Do you know how deeply loved you are by God?

This insightful and enriching 10-chapter study, designed just for couples, offers you and your spouse a safe place to grieve, heal, grow, and begin to dream together again – to thrive as one – in sickness and in health.


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More than 400 years ago, the ancient prayer of Examen helped the Franciscan Monks intentionally seek the Presence of God. It was a retuning to or a refocusing on God in order to reflect on the day and discover God’s Presence eve.

At its heart, Examen is simply sharing our day with Jesus and seeking His direction in prayer.

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Bucket lists are way of charting our hopes and dreams, the things we‘d love to see and experience before we die. You can write a bucket list for each season of the year or for specific seasons of life.

Items on your bucket list don’t have to be extreme or expensive. They can include things like going to a new restaurant or to a concert in the park, learning to play chess or learning to write a memoir, or watching the sunrise.They are a wonderful opportunity for you and your spouse to begin to dream together again.

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As we worked our way through each chapter of I Take You In Sickness & In Health, while we often found ourselves weeping, we were also encouraged, drawn closer to our glorious God and to His specific purposes for our lives.


Author of From Ashes to Glory: A Psalm a Day

I Take You In Sickness & In Health: Marriage with Chronic Illness offers insight into how to improve commitment, understanding, and communication while living with a spouse who lives with chronic pain. Throughout this book you are led to God’s Word through Bible verses that provide wisdom, strength, patience, and comfort to face each day together 


Living with chronic illness

I Take You in Sickness & In Health is a true blessing for all those who read it. Cindee’s gift to write and touch people in the midst of pain and hardship bring hope, love, and a new vision – a new beginning in our relationship with God and with our spouse. Cindee, you truly have a remarkable gift. Thank you for sharing it with the world, and thank you to you and your family for sharing parts of you. 



I Take You in Sickness & in Health is exceptional material for couples. Cindee, I thank you that you push on even in your circumstances. God bless you!


When you or your spouse becomes chronically ill, nothing really prepares you for how that might change your marriage. This is a very real, candid, and open and healing way of looking at how to keep your marriage vibrant and alive. I Take You in Sickness & in Health is a great book for any couple to go through. 


I Take You In Sickness and in Health is one of the Chronic Joy  Series.
The companion resource for this series is Grace, Truth & Time.
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