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Shanthini Baskaran

Bible Teacher, Counselor, and Speaker

A powerhouse of talent and wisdom, Shanthini grew up in South India, with a deep love for God and world missions. She is a clinical psychologist by training, but a stay-at-home-yet-volunteer-for-everything mom in practice. She is part of the adult discipleship teaching team at her home church, and loves discipling small groups of women — at church, in prison, and through teaching opportunities at home and around the world.

A mentor and guide to many, Shanthini is constantly learning and loves to share that knowledge with those around her.

She is happiest sitting out in her garden on a warm day with a good book, having dozens of people over for dinner on a Sunday night, or having God conversations over a cup of coffee. She and her husband Vinod have been married for 29 years; they have 3 adult children.

Living in the Middle and Finding Hope in God

Living in the middle is where transformation occurs as we actively live out lives that reflect the God we serve. Our identity is now in Him, not in our circumstances. We see his fingerprints all over our circumstances. He is in the waiting.


"Hope is holding on to who God says He is and trusting that." Shanthini Baskaran

Being a Small Group Leader

A small group leader: 1) Learns by listening, 2) Entrusts group members to serve each other, 3) Enables group members to grow and mature in the faith.


You are the Body of Christ - invest in each other.

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