Discovering Hope: Beginning the Journey Toward Hope In Chronic Illness


A 10-chapter study inviting participants to experience radical hope and compassionate change in a life with chronic illness.

No matter how dark the days, how wild the storm, how deep the valley or how long the winter, there is hope.

There is always hope.


A powerful, practical, insightful and well-written guide for all those affected by chronic illness, mental illness, chronic pain, and disability.

Embrace a new perspective. Celebrate the small victories. Wrestle with difficult questions. And learn to laugh again. Often.

No matter what today looks like, there is hope. Your journey begins with the very first page.

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Story Matters

Creatively Express Your Story

We can feel isolated and powerless when living with chronic illness, but what if your story begins to bridge those barriers?  What if your story offers a glimmer of hope to someone standing at the edge of hopelessness?


Step in slowly. Sit with God. Allow yourself time and space to feel and experience your pain. When you’re ready, take up your pen, and explore the precious and life-giving gift of lament.

Emotions Wheel

God created us with a complex range of emotions which can be difficult to identify and explain. The Emotions Wheel is a tool designed to grow our emotional intelligence, thus strengthening our relationship with God as well as our compassion and empathy for others.

Color Your Own - Full Page

Build An Ebenezer

Build An Ebenezer

Remembering God's Faithfulness

God’s people built Ebenezers, touchstones of help, to anchor them in truth in the midst of frightening, painful, difficult, or challenging circumstances.

Books from Chronic Joy

FINDING PURPOSE: Rediscovering Meaning in a Life with Chronic Illness

Cindee Snider Re

What if purpose looks different than we believe?

This 10-chapter study invites participants to release cultural and traditional definitions of purpose, and instead, to embrace God's - a timeless definition rooted in His Word and as refreshing as a gentle spring rain.


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EMBRACING WORTH: Understanding Your Value in a Life with Chronic Illness

Cindee Snider Re

This 10-chapter study powerfully reminds us that our value isn’t found in what we can or cannot do, but in Christ alone. Regardless of what we’ve lost through chronic illness, this isn’t the end of our story, for despite our circumstances, in the midst of the hard, when we’re not sure we can take even one more breath, God is still good.


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I TAKE YOU IN SICKNESS & IN HEALTH: Marriage with Chronic Illness

Cindee Snider Re

Rejuvenate, revitalize, rekindle, and reconnect with this insightful and enriching 10-chapter study (designed just for couples) that offers you and your spouse a safe place to grieve, heal, grow, and begin to dream together again – to thrive as one – in sickness and in health.


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GRACE, TRUTH & TIME: Facilitating Thriving Small Groups

Heather MacLaren Johnson

With this incredible resource you can learn to: lead through God's grace, create a space for spiritual growth and healing, empathize, listen and engage with those in pain, grow in prayer and compassion, foster hope and encouragement, and build small group communities that thrive.


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Discovering Hope Testimonials

DISCOVERING HOPE is a powerful, practical resource. Folks with chronic illness – like me – will find hope and help within its well-written, honest devotionals, thoughtful study questions and journaling prompts, and inspirational quotes.


Author of Love at First Fight, Wounded Women of the Bible, 25 Christmas Blessings, and more.

I cannot say enough about DISCOVERING HOPE. I not only recommend this study to those suffering with chronic illness, but for anyone who loves someone with a chronic illness.


Survivor of cancer, living with chronic illness

After losing our son to sudden cardiac death at age 32, our grief was overwhelming. That was 15 years ago. When we read DISCOVERING HOPE, we realized it could also help us deal with our grief. This is the first study that helped answer our many questions. We highly recommend it to anyone dealing with this chronic issue too.


Study participants

Lean into the precious truths embedded here and find your way into the only hope that will not disappoint.


Writer and chronic illness warrior


Discovering Hope is one of the Chronic Joy THRIVE Series.
The companion resource for this series is Grace, Truth & Time.
For a list of all THRIVE books, visit our store.

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