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Happy Bubbles

The Power of Putting Pen to Paper

I relish the gift of finding a personal letter in my mailbox, especially on hard days. Written words have a unique capacity to convey God’s grace (as described in Chronic Joy’s printable resource, #PenToPaper). I vividly recall a particular afternoon when the Lord used a simple note card to bring me much-needed hope.


“God has spoken, so we speak. God has written, so we write not to eclipse God’s words but to ... celebrate them, and offer them to others.” David Mathis

Encouraging Snail Mail

I love snail mail. Who doesn’t love opening their mailbox and finding something besides a bill or flyer? So, I try to mail cards to people for birthdays, new babies, or weddings, but I also want to send them “just because.”


"Sometimes I get stalled in sending a card because I’m not sure what to write on the inside – I want to encourage or bring a smile to the recipient but can’t find the words." Kara Plett

The Legacy of You Get Mail

The legacy of my grandmother’s intentional kindness lives on as Chronic Joy extends birthday greetings and more with You Get Mail.


“Every envelope in Chronic Joy’s You Get Mail program is a touchstone of hope and an act of intentional kindness and love right from our hearts.” Pamela Piquette
Happy Bubbles

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