I Will Not Be Shaken

This year’s letter couldn’t have been complete without the celebration of our 17-year-old’s health after a long medical crisis. In June we saw the surgeon for the last time and all of us rejoiced over this huge milestone. Anna’s kidney was finally completely healed! So even though, at times, I’m a little hesitant to share…


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Treasures in Darkness

Two years ago, I received a manuscript from a woman whose son was battling Leukemia. He was in the early stages of the disease and Lisa’s article shared their journey up until that point. Immediately, my mother’s heart identified with the words on the page and the anguish only a mother knows as she helplessly…


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A Remarkable Year

2016 was a remarkable year! It began on January 1st with the vision for a chronic illness ministry then step-by-step guidance from God throughout the year. When Discovering Hope was published in September, the dream of connecting 1,000 books to 1,000 precious lives was born. But could it be done? Was it possible? By mid-December…


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Sustaining Grace

One of my favorite books is The Hiding Place by Corrie ten Boom. I’ll never forget the thrill as a young teenager of actually getting to see her in person. It was one of the highlights of my life. God recently brought to mind a heartfelt exchange in the book between Corrie and her father,…


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Christmas Cinnamon Rolls

For many people, Christmas is a time of year where reminiscences of food often come to mind. It might be baking and decorating sugar cookie cut-outs, the smell of roasted ham filling the house before Christmas dinner, fresh peeled oranges squirting everywhere on the first bite, or maybe it’s waking up to the smell of…


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A Boy Named Job

Last year I was in the waiting room of Children’s Hospital as my daughter was whisked off for yet another test. I had come in that day with a heavy heart feeling like we were back to square one after years of fighting this stubborn health battle. Sitting alone, I was sobered as child-after-child was…


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As the Holidays Approach

The holidays were approaching, yet another specialty medication wasn’t panning out in the way we had hoped, and I found myself in a full-blown Rheumatoid Arthritis flare, longing for any kind of relief from the pain. I called my Rheumatologist to report on my condition and his instructions were, “Lay low and be patient. We…


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The Last Word

When the Needy One is You I buried my head into my father’s shoulder, sobbing out my fears and exhaustion after finding out my husband had collapsed and was unresponsive. He has Type 1 Diabetes and had already been hospitalized a week. The days seemed like years and so little progress was made towards getting…


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My Journey to Acceptance

It’s been about two years since I began to accept my husband’s chronic illness. From the day he was diagnosed five years ago, it’s been a journey of grief and confusion for me. I guess I had expectations of God. I was unaware of the frailty of life. Acceptance was not easy for me. At…


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