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Chronic Joy® Contributing Writer

Megan Willome is an editor at TS Poetry Press as well as the author of The Joy of Poetry and Rainbow Crow, a new picture book of poems written for children. Her day is incomplete without poetry, tea, and a walk in the dark.

Poetry Written for Children

Poetry written for children is like skipping straight to dessert. It’s often funny or nature-focused. Children’s poetry is usually short, and it often rhymes. It may make you feel nostalgic or turn your attention toward the small, holy thing in your midst, like autumn leaves.


"Poetry written for children is like skipping straight to dessert." Megan Willome

Love Poems to God

Catherine of Sienna, a nun who lived in Italy in the 14th century, was also a poet. Many of her poems are love poems to God.


"My feet are tired, Lord ... So much of life is toil. How often do we stop and hear the music?" Megan Willome

Workout Buddy

When a friend suggested we become workout buddies, I was definitely interested, although not sure how it would work for us. She is a dedicated exerciser, but chronic illness sometimes gets in the way. I might be described as an obsessive exerciser, someone who doesn’t like for anything to get in my way.


"Through being a Workout Buddy, I have become a better and more consistent pray-er for my friend." Megan Willome

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