Parenting When Chronic Illness is a Member of the Family


When Chronic Illness  is a Member of the Family

The keys to parenting when chronic illness is a member of the family are prayer; humor; flexibility; acknowledging loss, fear, and other uncomfortable emotions; embracing each member’s God-given worth; and loving one another deeply from the heart.

Children are a gift from the Lord … (Psalm 127:3)

Parenting a Child with Chronic Illness

Parenting a Child with Chronic Illness

A Blessing in Disguise! Parenting a child with chronic illness requires more strength, resolve, perseverance, and courage than we likely ever dreamed possible. Yet, it also blesses us with the gifts of compassion, perspective, presence, and profound love as we are daily drawn closer to Christ.


Parenting with Chronic Illness: Raising Children When You're Sick

Parenting with Chronic Illness

Raising Children When You’re Sick

Parenting with chronic illness brings countless challenges, but there is abounding peace and overflowing grace surrounding every limitation, learning to lean on Jesus step by step.


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No exceptions, everybody's loved, especially you.


Be Honest. Be Silly. Be Brave. Be Kind.

Jesus loves you exactly as you are! He loves you when you're honest and when you’re kind, when you’re sad and when you're tired – and even when you're angry. Jesus loves you exactly as you are because He made YOU exactly as you are, and He never, ever makes a mistake.


Chronic Joy® Teens • Your life is changing. Jesus isn’t.


Your life is changing. Jesus isn’t. The teen years are a kaleidoscope of change, especially when living with illness, anxiety, or chronic pain. Yet no matter how much changes, one thing remains the same: Jesus. Hope, encouragement, and resources for teens are available through Chronic Joy.


Emotions Wheel • How Do You Really Feel?

Emotions Wheel

How do you really feel?

When we permit ourselves to ask, "How do I really feel?" we may notice the emotional nuances of feeling bad, afraid, angry, disgusted, sad, happy, and surprised.


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