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Whatever you do, do well. (Ecclesiastes 9:10)

Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your strength. (Ecclesiastes 9:10)



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You Get Mail!


We would love to bless you with inspiring images, encouraging words, and an opportunity to share a little #PenToPaper love with others. Sign up today to receive your own beautifully-designed, free snail mail packets. Be sure to open the follow-up email within 24 hours to complete your sign-up. (Limited international delivery - US, UK & CA).

You Get Mail - Keep Being Brave - Teen & YA


Teens, you're invited to sign up for free #PenToPaper mailings designed especially for you. Engaging, edgy, and transformational snail mail will wing its way to your mailbox throughout the year. Sign up today and invite a friend!  (Safe and secure.) (Limited international delivery - US, UK & CA).


Kids Get Mail!


CJ Star and the Sonshine Squad want children (ages 3-11) to know how much they are loved by Jesus. Engaging characters bring laughter, delight, and sunshine to even difficult days. Parents, SIGN UP your child (and their siblings) for free. (Sign-ups are safe, secure and never shared.) (Limited international delivery - US, UK & CA).



Letter writing is a gift of hope and encouragement, and a reminder to someone that they are thought of, cared about, and prayed for.

#PenToPaper - Ministry of Letter Writing

#PenToPaper is a ministry of the heart: God’s love, poured into us, infuses each word we write to the heart of another. What an encouraging reason to pick up your pen and write!



#PenToPaper is a powerful, yet easy way to encourage one another and build each other up by fostering community, offering hope, and letting someone know they are not alone, that they are prayed for, cared about, and genuinely loved. Discover ideas to get you started, note starters (a few words to help you begin), and free, printable stationery.


Note Starters

Sometimes all we need to get us started are a few words. Include these short prayers in a notecard or email, or send them in a message or text to a friend or loved one.

{Thanks for the notecards and fun print materials! I am working on sending #PenToPaper packets out all the time. It’s an honor and pleasure to work with Chronic Joy® to do this. Thank you for including me in this great endeavor!
Dana Stenholtz
Oconomowoc, WI
Dana Stenholtz
{As a young person dealing with with many chronic illnesses, it can be all too easy to feel isolated. I'm so grateful for Chronic Joy reminding me I'm not alone at all. Scrolling the Prayer Pond, using the Printables, and seeing the daily social media posts all encourage me so much. I especially love the #PenToPaper program. I know how much fun it is to receive a letter or postcard when I'm not able to get out much, and #PenToPaper makes it easy to share the love with others!
Hailey H.
Cumming, GA
Hailey Hudson
{I was going through a hard time a couple of days ago and your letters and cards came in the mail. The words were a balm to my heart and spoke to me where I was at. Thank you for your ministry. It makes a difference.
Lori L.
San Angelo, TX
Chronic Joy Ribbon
{Thank you so much for the “snail mail”. What fun to get the collection of cards in my mailbox the other day. Truly an encouragement. Author of Searching for Sea Glass: Journeying with God Through Chronic Illness 30 Devotions.
Kara Plett
Alberta, Canada
Kara Plett
{Mine [#PenToPaper packet] has been duly received this week and greatly appreciated! Thank you so much, Chronic Joy, for sending out these small packages of encouragement, inspiration and hope. They are lovely soul food. A treat to receive and pass on to others as well!
Joy Lenton
Norwich, Norfolk U.K.
Joy Lenton
{As someone with chronic illness, I am very encouraged by the mailings from Chronic Joy. The information included in each mailing is always helpful and inspirational, and I love receiving the beautiful note cards on which I can write a special message of encouragement and pass on to others. The Chronic Joy team does an amazing job of connecting faith and Scripture with great resources that will bless all who receive these wonderful #PenToPaper gifts.
Emerson M.
Columbia, MO
Emerson Mertens
{I have started sending #PenToPaper notes as the Lord lays people on my heart. My goal is to send one every morning Monday through Friday. Thank you for ALL of the work you put in…
Barbara Coleman
Bowie, MD
Barbara Coleman
{“Our mail was full of gorgeous flat cards and precious prayer thoughts! Thank you for sharing the heart of Jesus with us all!!”
Bettie G.
Twin Lakes, WI
Bettie Gilbert
{Thank you for bringing so many such hope, joy, and encouragement. When one of your [You Get Mail!] packets comes in the mail, my soul does a little happy dance. I anticipate being renewed, refreshed, and inspired to bless others when I open it.
Suzan B.
Wales, WI
Suzan Braun
{I personally don’t know of another organization that will just send me a packet to encourage me several times throughout the year. The [#PenToPaper] packets (as well as so much more) make Chronic Joy unique.
Elyse S.
Liverpool, NY
Elyse Ogbourne


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