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The Intercessory Ministry of Prayer Shawls

Part of creating hand-made shawls is the spiritual discipline of intercessory prayer for those who will receive them. Both the shawl maker and the recipient are invited to practice the presence of God.


Creating prayer shawls is a spiritual discipline of intercessory prayer.

Keep Listening

Life can get overfilled so easily with the voices and concerns of others. I maintained my regular morning quiet times but sensed a new distance from the Lord. I will seek. I will wait. I will listen still – but speak, Lord.


Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me."

In the Fog: Finding God When You Can’t See Much Else

Concentration became close to impossible. I would list the things I wanted to accomplish in my head, but often even the essentials slipped through my fingers. As morning became evening, I would remember all that I had not done. It wasn’t that I lost interest; I really did want to... Where was God?


"Father God, when all around us and inside us seems foggy and grey, help us to remember that You are our source of light and life." Karin Fendick
Happy Bubbles

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