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In the Fog: Finding God When You Can’t See Much Else

Concentration became close to impossible. I would list the things I wanted to accomplish in my head, but often even the essentials slipped through my fingers. As morning became evening, I would remember all that I had not done. It wasn’t that I lost interest; I really did want to... Where was God?


"Father God, when all around us and inside us seems foggy and grey, help us to remember that You are our source of light and life." Karin Fendick

Do You Hear My Prayer

Chronic illness is an extremely heavy burden. It can feel so heavy we can wonder if God truly is He who says He is and if His promises are true. Our hearts wrestle with these huge questions and they sometimes fill us with doubt but we can look to God with certainty that no matter our pain, we are not alone.


"Chronic illness is a heavy burden, so heavy we can sometimes wonder if God truly is who He says He is and if His promises are true." Erin Burkhardt

A Church for Broken People

We sometimes build a narrative of having to be useful to God. Oh, how the “God-using” language can exacerbate the uneasiness deep within us! The problem is that we stay bowed under this load, even in places where we should be free to express the truth.


"Those parts of the body that seem to be weaker are indispensable, and the parts that we think are less honorable we treat with special honor." (1 Corinthians 12:22-23)

Wounds into Words

Writing about pain is both necessary and difficult. Pain is eased by being moved and writing a poem about pain gets it moving. In Andrea Potos’ poem, we don’t know what her wounds are – only that the cello is speaking to those hurting places, encouraging them to become something beautiful.


"What music helps heal your wounds? It could be an instrument, a song, a musical, a dirge, or a theme song ... Instead of writing about the wound, write about the music." Megan Willome

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