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Vulnerable. What Is It You’re Frightened Of?

Vulnerable. What Is It You’re Frightened Of?

What is it you’re frightened of?asks my warrior side.What fills your heart with such dread?What happened to your coat of bravery you wore so confidently?I feel like a deer sometimes, I answer.I’m not always like you.I want to lie down in flower-kissed pasture,let my eyes close against the sun.I...

My Child’s Mystery Illness

  My Son's Medical Mystery   One month after my son, William’s sixteenth birthday, he lay in the pediatric intensive care unit, unconscious. The attending physician said his condition was grave. “If you and your husband are praying people, I advise you to do so. He’ll likely not live...

a child's mystery illness

A Story of Hope – Sam Re

      SUFFERING PRODUCES PERSEVERANCE   The phone rang. It was 3am. “Hello?” “Mom,” my son Sam said so quietly I almost couldn’t hear him, “can you come get me?” Eight months earlier, Sam had walked across the stage in cap and gown, head held high, a smile playing at the edges of his lips...

A Story of Hope - Sam Re

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