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An Invitation to Listen

Audio is an invitation to listen, to be engaged and enriched through one-on-one storytelling, anytime and in any place, through the caring, compassionate, and friendly voices of Chronic Joy’s guest writers and of our own Voices of Chronic Joy® volunteers.

Encouraging Snail Mail

I love snail mail. Who doesn’t love opening their mailbox and finding something besides a bill or flyer? So, I try to mail cards to people for birthdays, new babies, or weddings, but I also want to send them “just because.”


"Sometimes I get stalled in sending a card because I’m not sure what to write on the inside – I want to encourage or bring a smile to the recipient but can’t find the words." Kara Plett

Crossroads of Suffering and Joy

At first glance, suffering and joy seem mutually exclusive. Yet, Chronic Joy’s “Suffering & Joy” printable resource reveals how the two are intertwined.


"At a moment when I desperately needed hope, 'Suffering & Joy' pointed me toward God’s life-giving truth." Lee Ann Zanon

Adjust to the New Normal

It isn’t easy to accept and manage such changes, so be kind to yourself as you adjust and figure out ways to manage your new normal.


“Think of celebration as medicine to eradicate a case of the shoulds.” Laurie Glass

Springtime Praise and Thanksgiving

We bring our praise to You, O God. To whom else shall we go? We are a people custom-made to praise You. So, we do! For rivers of water in dry places, for majestic mountains and mighty oceans, we praise You. We praise You for green, green, GREEN everywhere we look these spring days.


“As we lean into the newness of nature, the color, moisture, and sheen of things, will You give us eyes to see the newness You are creating within us, too?” Diana Trautwein

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