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An Invitation to Listen

Audio is an invitation to listen, to be engaged and enriched through one-on-one storytelling, anytime and in any place, through the caring, compassionate, and friendly voices of Chronic Joy’s guest writers and of our own Voices of Chronic Joy® volunteers.

Happy Bubbles

A Time for Everything

No matter your season, it has beauty and purpose despite the painful parts. God IS working all things for good (Rom. 8:28). Remember that He has made everything beautiful in its time.


A time and season for every purpose under heaven.

Cultivating Contentment

I realize God invites me to honestly express the struggles of chronic pain to Him and trusted family and friends, but He also calls me to cultivate contentment.


Gratitude and contentment grow hand-in-hand.

Lesson in Humility

The world tells us to be proud of ourselves when we need no help from others. God is teaching me lessons in humility.


Be humble before the Lord.
Happy Bubbles
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