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Rediscovering Wonder • An Invitation to Be Amazed

Today, take the first step back into the journey of rediscovering wonder. Step outside. Close your eyes. Breathe deep. Relax your shoulders. Feel the sun on your face. How does the air smell? What is the surface beneath your feet?


"Wonder pulses through every atom of creation & through every precious one of us." Cindee Snider Re

The Wonderful Land of Affliction

If you were to visit the Land of Affliction for a day, I think the first thing you would notice is the pace. Everything moves much slower here. Many of us are using all of our energy just to figure out how to make it through the day. Over time I have become frustratingly aware of my weaknesses.


"Pain arrived like an unwelcome guest that settles in then decides to never leave." Barbara Coleman

Trust and Wonder of Lament

Lament cuts through insincerity, unveils pretense and leads to trust and wonder. Because true worship involves bringing every aspect of our lives before God.


Lament leads to trust and wonder.

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