Suffering & Joy Posts

Rejoice: Return to the Source of Your Joy

The source of our joy is the LORD, the Trinity in its fullness: God the Father is the maker of heaven and earth. He created all the beautiful, wonderful things we enjoy. Jesus (God the Son) is our redeemer and friend, our intercessor, and our Savior. God the Holy Spirit dwells in us, comforting us, guiding us...


Our joy is not dependent on what happens to us or around us.

What I Need to Know About Pain

I know Pain sometimes wins. There are just days we can’t rally, but we serve the Suffering Savior, a personal God who GETS Pain, who doesn't abandon us. Pain is how we share in the sufferings of Christ.


"Pain can connect us to one another at a deep level ... sifting all the insignificant away, leaving behind only the things, the people, that matter." Stefanie Boyce

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