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Growing in Compassion

I find joy in my brokenness – in my chronic illness, in my disability, in my pain – because it becomes a bridge that connects my story to another person's story. Usually, my cane provides an opportunity to connect with a stranger and show them compassion in a way that I simply could not have done otherwise.


"I had become accustomed to thinking of my physical differences as something that separated me from others instead of connecting me to them. How many opportunities did I miss because of that frame of mind?" Adriana Hayes

I Watch

I watch, Father, as my heart struggles to know what to do, how to do it, and how to bring comfort where there is so much pain.


"You will watch me, Father, as I keep on drawing my strength from You, giving You my deepest longings, knowing that You will meet me in the cry of my heart. I will watch you, Father, as You lead me through the desert one step at a time." Kim Moir

Crossroads of Suffering and Joy

At first glance, suffering and joy seem mutually exclusive. Yet, Chronic Joy’s “Suffering & Joy” printable resource reveals how the two are intertwined.


"At a moment when I desperately needed hope, 'Suffering & Joy' pointed me toward God’s life-giving truth." Lee Ann Zanon

My True Healing

I am so thankful that through this time of pain and uncertainty, God has moved in my life, healing my soul so I can experience joy even though my physical circumstances have not changed.


“God has reached out to me through this time of pain, immobility, and dependence ... My current bout of illness has provided (rather, forced) the opportunity to step off the busy merry-go-round ... and be still: to sit in silence, listen to what is on my mind, and let God do some healing in me.” Sarah Smith
Happy Bubbles
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