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The Melody – Poem

The Melody  my muscles, joints do not agree with the cold every fibre aching as I cried out this is how the Lord responded when the pain sings listen to the melody and find Me there in the low notes the long wails staccato beat you will hear My...


Sing and make music from your heart to the Lord.

Longing for a Healthy Life – Poem

  If only I was healthy, LORD, How happy I would be. No more spacing out my activities; Low energy would not hinder me. I’d help my friends and neighbors And do for others all the while. I’d visit people in nursing homes And do it with a...


This is the day the Lord has made

A Prayer For the Weak in Body

want to be like sunshine; not a dark, gloomy cloud

But my mind and body shout so obnoxiously loud

Caring not about my desires or plans

They only fight viciously to gain the upper-hand

Oft times I must rest when I’d much rather go


I want to be like sunshine ...

Burden – Poetic Lament

fear nibbles at the edges of her soul, like a rat
aboard a sinking ship that leaks, lists and tips
because she has woken to face yet another
pain filled day, unrefreshed in every way


Silhouette of girl with arms raised praying

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