Blog posts to inspire you to Thrive in a life with chronic illness.


Encouraging Stories for Living Well with Chronic Illness

Oasis of Hope

ย  Oasis of Hope - A Quiet Respite for Your Day   We are grateful for the inspirational guest posts that find their way to us. May you find His rest, for He has, indeed, been so good to each of us.Thereโ€™s been a dramatic shift in my understanding of the cross...

Be at rest once more

How to Encourage without Lying

  When Encouragement Feels Like Lying   I sometimes find that โ€˜encouragementโ€™ feels like lying, especially when it comes to chronic illness. I want to cheer up my sick family member or struggling friend, but when I search through my โ€œencouragement...

I sometimes find that 'encouragement' feels like lying, especially when it comes to illness.

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