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We pray. We serve. We create. We give. And God ignites!

When you pray, serve, create, or give to Chronic Joy, you speak hope and life to hearts around the world affected by chronic illness, mental illness, chronic pain, and disability.

 …do good, be rich in good deeds … be generous and willing to share. 1 Timothy 6:18


Prayer is the lifeblood of Chronic Joy – the root source of our mission and the strength of our days, a holy and sacred encounter with the One who knows and loves us completely.

As prayer draws us into deeper relationship with God and we are filled, He whispers His call to love one another right where we are, with whatever we have, one precious life at a time. This is our call to serve and our inspiration to create.




Giving is an expression of our faith, of Christ living in us, our heart’s response to the stirring of His Spirit. We were created by the One who is lavishly and abundantly generous, the One who cannot be out-given, the One who sacrificed it all, out of overwhelming love for us.

We love because God first loved us. We give because He first poured out for us. 

2 Corinthians 9:11a says, “You will be enriched in every way so that you can be generous on every occasion …”




Every dollar you give provides:

  • content across a wide variety of platforms




When you pray, serve, create, or give, you speak hope to hearts around the world affected by chronic physical and mental illness, like:

  Juanita in Colorado

  Skylar in Florida

  Joy in England

  Terry in South Carolina

  Elyse in Iowa

  Leslie in Alaska

  Karin in Canada

  George in Kentucky

•  Alison in Ireland

  John in Wisconsin

   Emily in Alabama

   Lisa in Finland

   Jo in Minnesota

•   Emerson in Ohio

   Tanya in Vermont

   Jane in New Mexico

   Bill in Illinois

   Joanna in Scotland

   Claudia in Connecticut

   Monica in Arizona

   Quincy in California

The testimonials from those we serve continue to fuel our hearts and hands to broaden our reach, inviting those who feel isolated, alone, and/or forgotten about into radical community.

A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal.”  Steve Maraboli


We pray.

      We serve.

We give.

And God ignites!



God kindles the dream, whispers the call, and nourishes Chronic Joy through the sacrificial generosity of His people.

We invite you into the mission and ministry of Chronic Joy.

Today, will you:

  • pray?
  • open your heart to serve one another in love?
  • give the creative gifts of your hands, words, or voice?
  • live generously, giving your two coins, sharing your loaves and fish, or breaking open your alabaster jar for the broken, the weary, the hurting, the hopeless? 

Generosity is a vibrant and extraordinary expression of Jesus living in us and loving through us.

Today, will you step in and pour out, and make a difference in someone’s life? And in your own? 


Chronic Joy is 501(c)3 non-profit run entirely by servant-hearted volunteers.

We have no paid staff, no facility costs, and we strive to be good stewards of every-single-dollar. Your donations fuel this ministry, serving the chronic illness community, and extending hope to those who often feel lonely, isolated, and forgotten about.

     In 2020, 100% of spent donations funded four #PenToPaper mailings (over 4000 packets of encouragement and educational materials were mailed across the United States and around the world), we made strides toward becoming more inclusive and accessible through the addition of audio for many of our posts, we added many new free printable “how to” guides, and created hundreds of free images.

     In 2019, 95% of spent donations grew our prayer ministry, fueling the development of the Prayer Pond, facilitating #PenToPaper mailings, and providing postage for thousands of beautiful notecards, so our community can #PrayItForward and encourage others.   

     In 2018, 82% of spent donations funded our vital 10 key programs, continuing to expand our prayer ministry, and purchasing a much-needed computer to help us better serve our growing community.  

   •  In 2017, 93% of spent donations made it possible to continue providing free Bible studies, and to launch the Gift of Community, which provides tools and resources for small group formation.

   •  In 2016, 76% of spent donations were invested in the lives of those we serve, facilitating the Gift of Hope to 1,000 precious lives. It was a Remarkable Year.

Every day, we bring what we have – willing hearts and our simple loaves and fish – and God makes a way. In spite of illness. In spite of anxiety. In spite of daily pain. In spite of a spate of surgeries. In spite of overwhelming fatigue. In spite of all we don’t know and the skills we do not have.

In spite of what we lack – or maybe precisely because of it – God makes a way, because Chronic Joy isn’t our ministry, it’s His.

We pray. We serve. We create. We give. And God ignites! 

Generosity isn’t measured by the size of our gifts, but by the intentions of our heart. Giving from a grateful heart wells up and spills over to nourish and sustain others on this journey through life. 




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Give Monthly

Ignite hope one precious life at a time. Give Monthly. Touch hearts. Change lives. 


What’s in Your Pocket?

What's in your pocket?


When we give, God multiplies. Give Simply. When we give what we have, where we are, with a cheerful heart, community deepens, strengthening the bonds between us and delighting the heart of God. 


be the one who will plant life-giving seeds for the soul through words of appreciation, gratitude, and thankfulness​. Pastor Tim Erickson

Give the gift of hope today!


Even More

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Celebrate, Honor & Remember

Celebrate, Honor, Remember


Celebrating, honoring, or remembering a friend or loved one with a gift of hope is even more meaningful when it also enriches the lives of those living with chronic physical and mental illness, kindling the precious embers of hope in the lives of those who often feel isolated, forgotten about, and alone.



Chronic Joy® Friend-Raising • Cultivate. Strengthen. Build. It’s all about relationships. Cultivate. Strengthen. Build.
It’s all about relationships.

Friend-Raising starts with story – with our why – why we give, serve, pray, and invest our time, talents, and resources in the mission and ministry of Chronic Joy®. And the best part? You only need a few good friends to start!


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Amazon Smile


Support the important, growing work of Chronic Joy Ministry – at no cost to you – every time you shop at Amazon. Find Chronic Joy Ministry on Amazon Smile.

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If you’re a member of Thrivent Financial, you can support Chronic Joy Ministry with your Thrivent Choice Dollars too. We’re so grateful for our partnership with Thrivent Financial!

Matching Gifts

Does your company match gifts?

Did you know that 1 in 10 companies match employee donations, often including spouses and retirees in their corporate matching gifts program? Some even TRIPLE employee donations!Ask your HR department to learn more.

Stock Gifts

Contribute Stock
When you give stock, you give more.

Donating appreciated assets, allows you to give without incurring capital gains, so your gift speaks hope to even more precious lives affected by chronic physical and mental illness. Give today! NCF Stock Donation Forms

Thank You for investing in the mission and ministry of Chronic Joy. Your gift speaks hope and ignites change one precious life at a time.

Blog Posts

Go, Stay and Give

Together has been an important word as I’ve invested my time in the ministry of Chronic Joy for the past five years. Each day is filled with much learning for both my ministry partner, Cindee, and me – much leaning and pressing into the Father. He is building this ministry brick-by-brick, and we sense His pleasure as we give whatever we’ve got.


Go, Stay, and Give
happy bubbles
Thank you for investing in Chronic Joy® Generosity ignites possibility!

Thank You for investing in the mission and ministry of Chronic Joy. Your gift speaks hope and ignites change one precious life at a time. Together with God, we will learn to THRIVE in a life with chronic illness. Generosity ignites possibility!

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