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Barbara Coleman

Chronic Joy® Creative Contributor and Writer

Barbara lives in Maryland and was in ministry with her husband, Mike, for over 50 years. Now she has time for gardening, painting, reading, and enjoying the Lord. Barbara has three grown sons and 10 grandchildren. She likes to say, "Anything that makes me need God is a blessing!"

Living Happily at the Edge of the Cliff

In time I realized that I was never going to fall off a cliff; in fact, I was never going to even move, because the very foundation of my life is built on a rock — the Lord Jesus Christ Himself, the Rock of Ages! So now, dear one, regardless of your affliction, I urge you to run to Him. You will not be disappointed.


"He only is my rock and my salvation; He is my defense; I shall not be moved!" Psalm 62:6

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