Children with chronic illness

Chronic illness impacts millions of children worldwide.

A chronically ill child affects each family, and every family member, differently, often impacting a child’s development, behavior, self-awareness, independence, daily routines, recreational activities, and education. Yet illness can also be a catalyst to building lifelong compassion, resiliency, and faith.


Our Children’s Program grew from our desire to care for our youngest in tangible ways. It began with delightful notecards and stationery designed by one of our Creative Contributors to encourage children who may be hospitalized, homebound or just having a tough time. Offering a kind word to a child affected by chronic illness provides the gift of knowing he/she is not alone.

These same notecards or stationery can be used to teach your children to write caring notes to those affected by chronic illness. Empathy and kindness can be taught. Old-school letter writing is almost a lost art, but through our #PenToPaper program we hope to rekindle it!

“Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.” (1 Thes. 5:11) Our program grew so we could encourage you and build you up as you climb the difficult mountain of caring for an ill child. Having resources at your fingertips – books, blogs and even more became our next step almost overnight. Through our Pass It On program we hope to continue to gather more resources to share in the future.


CJ Star wants kids to know just how much they are loved by Jesus. Would your child be blessed to receive cards in the mail? SIGN UP today. (It’s safe and secure.)



This set of 4  Whimsical “Star” Notecards is oozing with joy. Perfect to send to a child who is homebound, in the hospital or just having a tough time – or for a child to send to a grandparent or other loved one.

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Featured Children Books

The Rally Board: The Story Of A Journey Through Pediatric Surgery And The Valuable Lessons Learned Along The Way

Ed Sasena

“The Rally Board” is a true story about how a small whiteboard used to capture only positive events caught the attention of people all over the world and helped a family survive the emotional and physical struggles of their baby daughter’s three open-heart surgeries. It is primarily intended to help those families that are about to embark on a difficult pediatric medical situation. But the main lesson of the book is advantageous to anyone facing adversity. Included is a perspective written by one of the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit nurses who cared for the child during the most stressful moments.


David Humpherys

Zip-line is a book for kids that have a scar on their chest from open heart surgery to repair a CHD. Used by families, schools and hospitals, Zip-line whimsically explains the answer to the question “How did that line get there?”.

The story centers around a little girl and her bunny rabbit explaining to the reader how she got the scar on her chest and how she isn’t any different than anyone else. It shows her unrestricted in activities and features age appropriate illustrations – no blood, or anything remotely graphic. It aims to set a model for kids with a CHD to be comfortable with themselves, their heart scar, and the surgery that they were too young to remember.

The Superkids Activity Guide to Conquering Every Day: Awesome Games and Crafts to Master Your Moods, Boost Focus, Hack Mealtimes and Help Grownups Understand Why You Do the Things You Do

Dayna Abraham

Stay Calm, Be Happy and Make Every Day Amazing!

Do kids’ behaviors leave you confused and frustrated? Dayna Abraham is teaching the world there’s a better way.

She, too, was baffled by her son’s behaviors until she realized the power of using science and child development to see him for the superkid he already was. In this revolutionary book, Dayna bridges the gap between kids and the adults who love them by empowering kids to be their own problem solvers; helping adults understand what kids really need to succeed. As a teacher, writer and mother, she explains that undesirable behaviors are really a cry for help.

Featured Teen Books

He's Making Diamonds

S. G. Willoughby

Are you a teenager trying to navigate faith through chronic illness? I’m here to tell you, you are not alone. When sickness takes over your life, it’s a never-ending battle to make it through each day. How do you cope? How do you keep fighting? Most of all though, how do you find God in the midst of the suffering? Through my own journey of sickness, I’ve struggled with the same questions—questions we all think but are afraid to ask. My name is Sara, and I’ve been sick with Lyme disease and more since I was fourteen. Those questions you’re afraid to ask? I’ve asked them too—as have many others. This book addresses topics and questions such as: Why is there sickness? Where is God in sickness? Resting in the storm How to deal with the way chronic illness changes you Joy and despair Hope Praying through chronic illness Relationships in the midst of chronic illness And more! The journey of illness is not an easy one, but hope remains. God hasn’t left us. He hasn’t forgotten us. On the contrary, He’s making diamonds out of us.

Emily: My True Story of Chronic Illness and Missing Out On Life (Louder Than Words)

Emily Smucker

Emily’s the sick one . . . all of the time.

Plagued with some sort of cold or fever or bizarre aches and pains for much of her life, Emily thought the dizziness and stomachaches at the start of her senior year were just another bout of “Emily flu.” But when they didn’t go away, she knew something was seriously wrong. Eventually diagnosed with the rare and incurable West Nile virus, Emily watched her senior year and the future she had planned for go up in smoke.

“I want a normal life for a teenager. I want to ache from a long day at work. I want to be so busy that I don’t have time to post on my blog. I want to run the race of life instead of being pushed along it in a wheelchair. I want to be on the ride of my life, you know?”

I Still Dream Big: Stories of Teens Living with Chronic Illness

Penny B. Wolf

Kelly was a seventeen-year-old star of her high school basketball team . . . Gevon was a twelve-year-old who played linebacker for his middle school football team . . . Crystle was a nineteen-year-old college student with big plans for the future . . . One day you’re hanging out with friends at the mall, playing basketball at school, dreaming about your latest crush, and the next you’re in the hospital hooked up to tubes and wondering whether or not you’ll ever feel normal again. Getting sick was never part of the plan. Lupus. Diabetes. Rheumatoid Arthritis. Crohn’s. Multiple Sclerosis. No matter what the diagnosis, teens with chronic illnesses share one thing in common: their lives have been changed forever by illness. Seventeen young adults share their personal stories in I Still Dream Big. Their tenacity and spirit are an inspiration to us all.

Journey of Faith: A Devotional for Young Women

Isabella Morganthal

Have you ever wondered if you were meant for more? More than what the world wants to offer you? Even more than what you have planned for yourself? Have you ever wished to live with more faith? In Journey of Faith, Isabella Morganthal wants to encourage you to live a life of faith that honors God. She has compiled some of the articles from her last two years of blogging and turned each of them into a daily devotional. Each devotion is meant to remind you that walking your journey of faith may not always be easy, but it is always worth it. Jesus is always worth it. Journey of Faith also features articles specifically for writers, special author interviews, and even some fun quizzes and resources. If you’re ready to start living with more faith, then start reading today. And let’s walk this journey together.

Blog Posts

Your sickness has not lessened who you are.
Dear Chronically Ill Parent

Dear Chronically Ill Parent

A Letter to the Parents Who are Chronically Ill - You are Not a FailureMy mum has a chronic illness. She’s been sick for as long as I can remember. Mum, this letter is for you. Dear Parent with a Chronic Illness,You don’t have to say it aloud. I’ve read it in your sighs, your looks, your...


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