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Living Well When It Hurts

 Pain Pushes Us to Our Limits I don’t think anyone would argue the statement that we, as women, juggle a lot. By nature, God created us to be helpers and nurturers. We are amazing multi-taskers and, more often than not, we end up putting the...


Praise in Spite of Suffering

Last Resort   Two years ago I agreed … actually sought out … to have a surgery that I had always considered as a “last resort.” However, my health had reached a point where it now sounded like a dream. Since my second spine surgery in 1995,...


Praise in spite of suffering.

He Gets It

There’s been a dramatic shift in my understanding of the cross and of the day we call Good Friday. My parents are Christians and so the crucifixion and resurrection were familiar to me from early on. I remember as a small child growing so...


He gets it.

Something Bigger

God will use pain to develop you, but He never meant for it to define you. ~ Adriana Hayes UNENDING DECISIONS When you live with a chronic illness, you soon learn that it requires you to make a plethora of unending decisions. When you reach the...


God will use pain to develop you...

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