Story Matters

Writing the Story of Your Illness

WritersRetreatFountainPens11Stories are vital to community, how we connect and learn about who we are, why we’re here, and how we belong. Story preserves history and elicits laughter. It plunges us to the depths of ourselves and sets us soaring to the skies.

Story is the tale of our lives. And it matters.

Yet writing our story can be challenging, perhaps not worth the time and effort. Add an unwanted illness, and wrestling our thoughts to the page can seem almost impossible.

Where do I start? What do I write? Will anyone care? Does it even matter?

I’ve asked these questions. Often. And I’ve discovered that our stories are where we begin, a connecting point, opening doors and shortening the valleys of loneliness and isolation, and sometimes our stories offer a glimmer of hope to someone standing at the edge of hopelessness who recognizes with sudden surprise, “Oh, you too? I thought I was the only one.

Story can start the conversation.

 Story can be the place where hope begins.

If you’d like to explore the idea of writing your story, we’d love to help. We’ve created a resource full of thoughtful questions and helpful tips, and we’d love to offer it to you free, our gift to help you begin.

Just click this link for your free downloadable pdf of Story Matters: Writing the Story of Your Illness.


Cindee_HeadshotCindee Snider Re is wife of nearly 25 years to the man she loves most in this world, mama of five world-shaking creatives (15-23), writer, photographer, craver of quiet, and lover of cotton, denim, Jesus and Earl Grey tea. Cindee and four of her five kids have Ehlers-Danlos III, dysautonomia, and myriad co-existing conditions.


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