Marriage Posts

Earworms of Affirmation and Love

Marriage is challenging enough and adding a chronic illness adds a whole new dimension. Let’s have the words that we say to each other become earworms of affirmation and love.


"We want our marriages to be places where our words are life-giving." Kara Plett

Make Laughter a Daily Priority – Why and How

Daily life with chronic illness can be extremely stressful. However, it’s only fitting (and scriptural) that we as believers develop and nurture a spirit of hope and optimism about the future. I find that laughter is a key ingredient in helping me hold onto that spirit.


"You plan out exercise and meals, so why not carve out time in your schedule to laugh?" Dena Dyer

I Watch

I watch, Father, as my heart struggles to know what to do, how to do it, and how to bring comfort where there is so much pain.


"You will watch me, Father, as I keep on drawing my strength from You, giving You my deepest longings, knowing that You will meet me in the cry of my heart. I will watch you, Father, as You lead me through the desert one step at a time." Kim Moir

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