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Resources, tips, and tools to encourage and inspire everyone affected by chronic illness, mental illness, chronic pain, and disability — more than 200 encouraging, FREE printables with more on the way. There’s something for everyone! Step in, check back, and download a little hope today.

The Lord will open to you his good treasury, the heavens, to give the rain to your land in its season and to bless all the work of your hands.  (Deuteronomy 28:12)


Chronic Joy offers 200+ beautifully designed FREE printables. There is something for everyone! From Verses to Comfort and Ecnourage to Creative Ways to Serve, from Praying the Psalms to Children’s activity sheets, from 76 Questions to Connect You as a Couple to 33 Biblical One Anothers. And there are always more coming!

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13 Things That Might Resonate

With chronic illness, every day is an adventure!  It isn't a life we would have chosen, but it is one we're learning to walk through with courage, tenacity, humor, and grace. We are so much more than our illnesses!

13 Verses to Lean Into

Lean into these verses, write them in a journal, choose one or two to memorize, and then think about who else might need to read them. The Word of God is alive and powerful, bringing us comfort in a way that nothing else can.

15 Practical Tips • Trauma Soul Care

These 15 practical tips can help us develop healthier ways to navigate everyday life.

16 Verses to Ignite Hope

In the middle of prolonged illness it can seem like God doesn't see you. Weakness and stress can make it difficult to hold onto hope. God's strength never falters. Allow these scriptures to sink deep into your heart, igniting hope as He carries you.

17 Verses to Shatter Stigma

Do you struggle to believe that your mental illness is real? Do you feel shame or wonder if others believe it's real? With God, mental illness has no stigma. Scripture is balm for our souls as it speaks directly to our hearts.

18 Thought-Provoking Suffering & Joy Quotes

Invite a friend or family member to do an 18-Day Suffering & Joy discussion – or use the quotes as journaling prompts. On each day, read one quote. Talk about it. Think about it. Write about it. Pray about it.

Verses to Comfort and Encourage

25 Verses to Comfort and Encourage

When we’re lonely, anxious, afraid, or overwhelmed, the most significant thing we can do is turn to the one who knows us and loves us completely – the God of all comfort.

30 / 365 Photo Challenge

Photography challenges are a fun, personal challenge, a commitment to pick up your camera, phone, tablet, or Go-Pro, and capture a photo every day for a month or a year.

33 Biblical One Anothers

33 Biblical One Anothers

Pray through these 33 One Another Verses, meditating on what it means to love one another deeply from the heart as we learn to walk each other home selflessly.

50 Prayer Journaling Prompts

Choose a quiet moment, open your journal, and begin with whatever thoughts are on your heart.

52 Questions of Jesus

Of the 307 questions of Jesus recorded in the Bible, 52 are listed here - one for each week of the year.

76 Questions to Connect You as a Couple

You can approach these questions slowly in any order you choose, one question and one conversation at a time over many months. This is an exploration and an opportunity to grow more deeply in love as you rediscover one another.

A – B

Accessible Poetry

Poetry is an invitation to explore your story in a new way, to write about moments or emotions without specifically naming them, to play with the musicality of words and phrases, to choose words, punctuation, and line breaks carefully. There is no right or wrong way to read or write poetry, just an invitation to begin.

Allegory • Symbolic Storytelling

Allegory is a beautiful, artistic form of storytelling that offers us an opportunity to explore difficult, painful, or vulnerable parts of our stories from a safer distance and a fictional character’s perspective.

Anxiety Exercises

When we feel anxious, afraid, overwhelmed, or in pain, seeking wonder in God's incredible creation draws us into His Presence, shifting our focus from our circumstances to who God is and how very much He loves us.

Ask Generous Questions

Ask Generous Questions

Lean into the living presence of Jesus and cultivate a deeper relationship with one another. When we slow down and listen to each other, we grow together as the Body of Christ on earth.

Axe Head Prayer • Where Did You Lose Your Edge?

As we open our hands in surrender, speaking honestly with God about where our axe head flew off, what feels like loss actually grafts us deeper into Jesus. Ask God to show you where you lost your edge.

Biblical Purpose Statement

YOUR Biblical Purpose

Purpose is the reason something exists or was created. It is the reason we act or choose not to act and encompasses intentions and objectives.

Breath Prayers

Considering its great size and power, an elephant must exercise self-control and restraint to effectively navigate and thrive. Likewise, breath prayers help us navigate and thrive through the elephant-sized gift of our breath (and the One who is with us in every breath).

Build a Healthier Marriage

As spouses, how can we pray for one another? Where can we intentionally invest in one another? How can we creatively carve out a little one-on-one time? What could we do together to help us bond and share a little more of our lives with one another?

Build An Ebenezer

Build An Ebenezer

Remembering God's Faithfulness

God’s people built Ebenezers, touchstones of help, to anchor them in truth in the midst of frightening, painful, difficult, or challenging circumstances.

Building Your Bucket List

A bucket list is an invitation to dream with God. Ideas don’t have to be grand or extravagant. Sometimes the best adventures happen right in our own backyards. It’s also an opportunity to invite friends and loved ones to have rich conversations about their dreams.

C – G

Called to Hope

Called to Hope

Jesus is the enduring, timeless, and everlasting hope who came to seek, serve, call, forgive, rescue, redeem, and save.

Celebrate Little Things Everyday

Celebrate each small win, every tiny triumph, and every unexpected victory, even if today your milestone is just a pebble.

Compassion Begins When We Suffer Together

Pain, cultivated by the Spirit’s compassion, invites us to care deeply for one another, grow together, suffering with one another so that none of us is isolated or alone. Pain opens the door to the Spirit’s compassion in us.

#ConnectByText Ideas

Looking for a way to connect with, encourage, inspire, and love on others? Text them! Tips for Texting: Keep it short. Don’t expect a response. Write from your heart.

Coping with Grief

14 Ways to Make a Difficult Day Brighter • Grief is a journey requiring steady sips of hope, plates filled with God’s unbroken promises, the comfort of community, replenishing rest, and fresh air and sunshine.

Creative Photo Challenges

Photography challenges are a fun, hope-filled invitation, a commitment to pick up your camera to simply notice, and click.

Creative Ways to Use Chronic Joy Posts & Publications

Talking about the impact of chronic illness, mental illness, chronic pain, and disability on our lives can be incredibly difficult. Sometimes, we are unsure what we think or how we feel, either for ourselves or for our friends or loved ones.

Creative Ways to Serve

Chronic illness can make serving in traditional or culturally familiar ways challenging – but not impossibleDiscover creative new ways to love God and others right where you are, however you are able.

Depression Self-Care Action Plan

Depression can make it difficult to practice healthy self-care. Building an Action Plan gives you quick, doable steps each day.

Devotional Guide

Devotional Guide

Chronic Joy® devotionals are an invitation to take one gentle step, to pray in a comforting and familiar or perhaps new-to-you way, or to cry out on behalf of one precious life today … maybe even yours.

Discovering Gratitude

Gratefulness is choosing to focus on God rather than our circumstances. Fixing our eyes on Jesus reminds us of His gracious, compassionate love and unending faithfulness.

Emotions Wheel

God created us with a complex range of emotions which can be difficult to identify and explain. The Emotions Wheel is a tool designed to grow our emotional intelligence, thus strengthening our relationship with God as well as our compassion and empathy for others.

Color Your Own - Full Page

Finding Your God-Given Purpose

Finding Your God-Given Purpose

Discovering our God-given purpose begins with trust, with learning to be present with God in each moment — less about why we were created and what we are created to do than about who we are created to be.

For A Mother's Soul

May God shower His blessings on all mothers, grandmothers, great-grandmothers, mothers-in-law, and mother-like figures. May He give grace and strength for all your days.

Generosity is a Beautiful Way of Life

We’re so grateful for every prayer, kind act, helping hand and dollar donated so that together, we can serve in meaningful and intentional ways all over the world. Without you, we simply couldn’t do what we do.

The Gift of Biblical Self-Compassion

Recognizing and acknowledging that Jesus suffers with us (that we are God’s beloved children who are also flawed by sin) is a first brave step towards self-compassion.

H – M

Healthy Boundaries

Healthy boundaries (an important part of self-care) create an understanding of what we have responsibility for and what is outside of our control. The healthier our boundaries are, the greater our capacity to offer empathy and love to others. We are responsible for what happens inside us and for the ways we act and relate to others.

Holy Attention

Eye-Spy • People Watching

Holy Attention draws us into fresh gratitude. When we pay close attention to creation we can experience the awe and wonder of God’s infinite creativity.

Holy Attention

Sight & Scroll • Spot 1 • Feast

Begin by choosing something specific – a color, shape, sound, object, or even an idea – and look or listen for it throughout your day. When you find it, take a picture of it, or make note of it.

How is God calling me?

When we seek God’s calling for our lives, our journey begins with love, with who we are in Christ, and who we were created to be. 

I Will Give Thanks

Gratitude is a gift given to us by God. At its core, gratitude is about not taking anything for granted. Living a life of gratitude is about learning to draw near to God, being thankful for what we have, for who God is, and for who He created us to be.

Infinite Worth

He left the 99 to rescue me – yesterday, today, and always (Matthew 18:12 paraphrase). Our worth isn't based on who we are or what we can do but on who God is. We are the work of His hands.

An Infusion of Hope for Caregivers

God knows how overwhelming caregiving can be, how it can throw the whole balance of our lives inside out and upside down. As caregivers, we need a steady infusion of hope from God's word to do the work He has called us to do.

Intentional Kindness

30 Creative Ways

Pause. Seek. Notice.
Be aware of the people around you. Observe the tender prompting of the Spirit. Be intentionally kind and discover what God will do.

Joy is a Gift

Joy is a Gift

Joy is a perpetual gladness of the heart and a deep sense of gratitude in the soul produced by the Holy Spirit, as he causes us to see the beauty of Christ in His creation, word, and works. Open your heart to these verses and quotes and discover that joy is a gift.

Kindness Multiplied

As you think about the kindness you have received and how that made you feel, pass it on to others. Using these creative ideas to inspire kindness will multiply kindness all around you.


Step in slowly. Sit with God. Allow yourself time and space to feel and experience your pain. When you’re ready, take up your pen and explore the precious and life-giving gift of lament.

Lectio Divina

Lectio Divina

Lectio Divina is the ancient practice of slowly, contemplatively reading the words of Scripture, an invitation to encounter God through His Word, to pay close attention, and to be fully present.

Lessons from Biblical Couples

Marriage is a gift, a holy weaving of two imperfect people into one through a lifetime of difficult, beautiful, exasperating, and amazing mountain-top moments of God-ordained sanctification.

Living Brave

Living Brave begins with faith, with living authentically from the inside out. It’s messy and gritty, and reveals how much we really trust God.

Living a Life of Celebration

Don’t let the little moments, small blessings, or tiny triumphs slip by unnoticed or unacknowledged. Instead, pause. Give thanks. Join the chorus of creation and share your joy.

Prayer is...

Make Your Life a Prayer

Make Your Life a Prayer supplies Scripture verses and quotes inviting you to step into God's compassionate and tender-hearted presence.

Metaphor • A Bridge Between Pain & Understanding

Metaphors spark new understandings by helping us express the difficult parts of our stories in more easily accessible ways. They help us explain a situation others may have little or no experience with.

Metaphor • The Language of Pain

Chronic illness, mental illness, chronic pain, and disability can be challenging for us to explain and equally difficult for others to understand, but metaphors can help bridge that distance.

Ministry of Reconciliation

Ministry of Reconciliation

Reconciliation is the process of restoring broken relationships, of building something new from the tender soil of forgiveness.

Movement • Body, Mind, and Soul

We often think of movement as going on a hike, participating in sports, lifting weights, swimming laps, doing Pilates, performing yoga, or dancing. Movement is inherent in everything. By God’s breath we all have life and movement.

One Minute Prayers for Parents

Just as God breathed life into us (Genesis 2:7), He breathed it into His Word (2 Timothy 3:16). The ancient rhythm of breathing that began in the Garden of Eden is repeated at least a dozen times a minute every day of our lives.


N – R

Pain's Greater Purpose

Pain, cultivated by the Spirit’s compassion, invites us to care deeply for one another, grow together, suffering with one another so that none of us is isolated or alone. Pain opens the door to the Spirit’s compassion in us.

Poetry as Prayer

Writing our own psalms is about learning to express our emotions in an unedited way, it’s about giving voice to our joy and our pain. Writing haiku teaches us focus on a single moment, awakening us to the wonder of creation all around us.

Prayers of Servant-Hearted Leaders

Being followers of Jesus, we are all called to listen, lead, and love. Prayer opens our hearts and eyes to those we can guide with a listening ear and a kind word. Begin with the prayers below, use them as they are, or create personal prayers of your own.

Prayers for Caregivers

Lord, thank You for the ministry of caregiving. Help me be flexible, kind, and intentional (especially when I'm weary) as I act as Your hands and feet. Amen.

Prayer of Examen

Beautiful in its simplicity, this ancient prayer of reflection helps refocus our hearts and minds. How often do we come to the end of a day and wonder where the time went or regret the way we handled a situation?

Prayers for Anxiety

Anxiety can make it difficult to find the words to pray. Use these short prayers to guide your thoughts until you are able to find your own. May you find encouragement, comfort , and peace.

Prayers for Depression

Depression can make it difficult to find the words to pray. Use these short prayers to guide your thoughts until you are able to find your own. May they bring comfort on dark days.

Prayers for the Journey

These short prayers can strengthen, encourage, and inspire you to step into the comforting presence of God, where you are fully known, infinitely cared about, and deeply loved.

Praying & Writing the Psalms

What is your favorite Psalm? Why? When did you choose it? What was happening in your life at the time? Have you ever considered writing your own psalm?

Promise of Abundant Peace

God’s peace is altogether different from the peace of the world because God’s peace is not a gift; it’s a person: God’s own Son, Jesus, the Prince of Peace. God’s peace is abundant, unspeakable, generous, plentiful, extravagant, lavish, expansive, affectionate, and never-ending.

Promises for Parents

Parenting is hard work and parenting children with chronic illness, mental illness, chronic pain, or disability adds unique and sometimes difficult challenges. But what we do every day matters, for it is eternally significant.

S – Y

Self-Care • Body & Community

Practicing physical self-care is showing your body simple kindness, generously giving it what it needs, and doing things that help you live well. Community is rooted in love, nourished in prayer, and strengthened in courageous vulnerability as we extend and receive love, kindness, and compassion.

Self-Care for your Emotions & Mind

Exercise your brain, keep your mind sharp, redirect your thoughts, and focus on what is positive and true with these ideas. Emotional self-care helps us identify what we’re feeling and how to express it in healthy ways.

Self-Care for your Soul

Spend a little time getting to know God better — who He is, what He’s like, how He feels about us, and how He acts toward His creation. Pray through these verses, asking God where to grow from here.

Servant-Hearted Leadership

What kind of leader am I? Am I drawn by God's call to serve the precious people He has placed right in front of me? Do I celebrate, encourage, and listen to others?

Service in a Box & Bookmark It!

Service in a Box is everything you need to encourage, strengthen, inspire, and love on those who are nearest and dearest to you. Check out a variety of options in our store. Or start with just one. Print out any of our printable guides and tuck them in an envelope with a note of encouragement and brighten a day

Serving made simple with a variety of Service in a Box options available in our store.

Sing! Dance! Praise! Celebrate!

Celebration is an essential expression of the character of God, a reflection of our Creator God in His creation. Give thanks. Make merry. Rejoice. Worship.

Small Group Roles

This downloadable PDF provides helpful tips for organizing your small group and defining group roles.

Sorrow, Lament & Grief

Grief is no stranger to those affected by chronic illness, mental illness, chronic pain, and disability. It is both a universally-shared human experience and uniquely individual.

#StepRepPray Guide

With your doctor’s guidance and a little creativity, exercising with chronic illness is not only possible but can also be rewarding.

#StepRepPray Log Sheet

#StepRepPray Log Sheet

With your doctor’s guidance, and a little creativity, exercising with chronic illness is not just possible, but can be rewarding. Log your steps, reps, and prayers.

Stewardship of Courage

Stewardship of Courage

The stewardship of courage begins with a deep faith in God, accessed by prayer, and lived out in patient waiting and hopeful trust.

Story Matters

Creatively Express Your Story

We can feel isolated and powerless when living with chronic illness, but what if your story begins to bridge the gaps?  What if your story offers a glimmer of hope to someone standing at the edge of hopelessness?

The Story Told Through Our Scars

Where we’ve been fractured, we can offer empathy and compassion. Where we’ve been wounded, we can speak of hope. And where we have been ground into dust, God’s light shines bright.

Stories, Jesus & Trees

When our roots are grafted to God’s, we are linked to believers around the world and across time. Do you feel disconnected today? Reach out and share the love of Jesus. It’ll strengthen your faith and renew your spirit.

Telling Your Medical Story

What is a Medical Story? In order for our healthcare teams to build the best possible treatment plans for us, we need to learn to keep well-maintained logs with the symptoms and severity, medications, treatments, dates, and brief notes. Keep track with our Medical Story Log.

What are Your Grace Gifts?

How has God gifted you? Where do you feel His gentle nudge to love one another? Do you feel the Spirit's tug to get involved? A grace gift is a beautiful Holy Spirit-inspired act of ministry that works harmoniously with the gifts given to the Body of Christ.

Where do I discover hope?

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and need encouragement, these verses will give you courage and confidence. Why not meditate on them throughout your day and share them with your friends?

Where do I find joy?

Joy is discovered in big events and in small, seemingly insignificant moments, in both mountain-top experiences, and smaller expressions we can easily overlook, like a kind word or a helping hand. 

Who does God say you are?

God sees you as someone of infinite value. He sees who you are in Christ, and who you will become as the Holy Spirit lives and breathes in you.

Wonder Walks • A Prayer Guide

Wonder Walks • A Prayer Guide

Wonder Walks are an invitation to savor God’s holy fingerprint in every atom of creation, to engage our senses and cultivate curiosity, to listen for His still small voice, and to delight in His extraordinary creativity.

Wonder Walks • Trail Signs

Wonder Walks • Trail Signs

Wonder nourishes our souls, inviting us to feast on the inexplicable mystery of the Holy, witnessing God's fingerprint in every atom of creation.

Words are Powerful

Ask your spouse which of these phrases is meaningful to him/her or if there are other phrases he/she would like to hear. Both you and your spouse could highlight phrases on either side to help you remember what is powerful to your spouse.

You Are So Loved

Do you love yourself like God loves you? Do you live like you’re valuable? Do you live like you’re set free?


Chronic Joy® Statement of Faith

We believe in salvation by grace, a free gift from God, given to all who believe in His Son Jesus Christ and accept Him as Lord and Savior.

Annual Report

Chronic Joy's mission field is tremendous - more than half the world’s population - yet our ministry focus is always one precious life at a time.

Our Programs

We offer a wide variety of programs to meet the needs of all those affected by chronic illness, mental illness, chronic pain, and disability. 

Who We Are & What We Do

Chronic Joy is a global resource ministry dedicated to compassionately serving all those affected by chronic illness, mental illness, chronic pain, and disability.


At its core, friend-raising is all about relationship and it begins with story – our why - why we give, serve, pray, and invest in the mission and ministry of Chronic Joy.

Service in a Box & Bookmark It!

Service in a Box is everything you need to encourage, strengthen, inspire, and love on those who are nearest and dearest to you. Check out a variety of options in our store. Or start with just one. Print out any of our printable guides and tuck them in an envelope with a note of encouragement and brighten a day

Serving made simple with a variety of Service in a Box options available in our store.

Build an Illness Ministry

This practical guide walks you through the first steps toward building a chronic illness small group.


Sharing Life  Discovering Hope Stationery


Speak Life - Spark Hope Stationery

Speak Life, Spark Hope Stationery

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