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We offer a wide variety of programs to meet the needs of all those affected by chronic physical and/or mental illness. We sow seeds of hope, purpose, worth and joy – one precious life at time. We are committed to our core values:

Prayer: Prayer is the heartbeat and foundation of Chronic Joy. We know that whether a request, praise, lament, suffering, loss, hope, grief, or joy, each prayer ripples far beyond this day and the boundaries of our world.

Awareness: Raising awareness – through print and online resources – of the significant impact of chronic illness on every aspect of life.

Community: Extending the invitation to community through sharing your story, materials for small groups, a wide-range of service ideas and vital opportunities to join in the movement and growth of Chronic Joy.

Education: Providing faith-based educational materials through our website, Bible studies and FREE Printables.

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Prayer Pond

Welcome to the Chronic Joy Prayer Pond. Toss your prayer requests, updates, and shouts of praise into the pond, then watch them ripple with radical hope and compassionate change throughout our community and beyond. Then #PrayItForward by clicking the “I PRAYED FOR THIS” button to let the requester know you prayed for them. LEARN MORE.


Serve one another humbly in love.

Chronic illness can make serving in traditional or culturally familiar ways more challenging, but not impossible. Galatians 5:13b says, “…serve one another humbly in love.” How can we do that with chronic illness?While we may no longer be able to serve in traditional or culturally familiar ways, today we invite you to discover creative new ways to love God and love others right where you are, however you are able. LEARN MORE.


Gift of Hope

The Gift of Hope connects one book to one precious life. This single book give-away program began in 2016, when God asked us to connect 1,000 copies of Discovering Hope to 1,000 people who most needed to receive the gift of hope and to be encouraged. LEARN MORE.


Gift of Community

Radical community is rooted in love, nourished in prayer, and strengthened in courageous vulnerability as we listen, engage, forgive, learn, grow, serve, and extend compassion to all. LEARN MORE.



#PenToPaper is a powerful, yet easy way to encourage and build one another up, to build community, offer hope, let someone know they are not alone, and that above all they are prayed for, cared about and loved. Chronic Joy® provides starter sets of stationery to encourage both the sender and the receiver. LEARN MORE.


#StepRepPray is an opportunity to meet with God in prayer as you intentionally move in whatever way you are able. With each step or every rep, we invite you to pray for others, to seek God’s guidance, to worship and praise Him, and to thank God for the gift of movement. LEARN MORE.


Pass It On

Make the journey easier for one another. Do you know a great resource – book, blog, or website? Do you someone you could introduce Chronic Joy to?You’re invited to Pass It On!

Creative Sparks

Creative Sparks for those affected by chronic illness.

Creative Sparks invite an exploration of hands, hearts, and stories. Engage your senses, explore your own unique story, and experience God in fresh, new ways as you learn, lean in, and kindle creative joy in midst of chronic illness. LEARN MORE.


Did You Know? Chronic Joy Awareness


Our DID YOU KNOW? program offers printable Fact Sheets to create awareness, increase knowledge and support education in a quick and easy format you can share with those in your sphere of influence – friends, family, churches, small groups, co-workers and neighbors. LEARN MORE.


Little Free Library

Are you a Little Free Librarian? Chronic Joy provides FREE copies of Discovering Hope to Little Free Library owners across the United States with a label on the inside cover stating: “Yours to Keep.” Once owners notice their copy of Discovering Hope has found a new home, they are invited to contact Chronic Joy for another copy. LEARN MORE.

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