Chronic Joy® Programs



We offer a wide variety of programs designed to help meet the needs of all those affected by chronic illness, mental illness, chronic pain, and disability — and we are committed to our core values.


Raising awareness about chronic illnessmental illness, and caregivers, as well as highlighting the significant impact of illness on every aspect of life (faith, family, finances, friendships, education, hobbies, employment and marriage) are of primary importance.



Prayer, service, creativity, movement, and generosity are hallmarks of cultivating community, a slow and intentional work that takes time and courage. There are vital opportunities for you to join in the movement and growth of Chronic Joy.



Providing faith-based educational materials through:


Prayer is the heart beat of Chronic Joy®.

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You Get Mail! Sign-ups for Adults, Teens & YA, Children & Tweens. It's safe, secure, and free!

You Get Mail! Sign up to receive free, professionally designed and printed, old school, #PenToPaper snail mail throughout the year. When you include your birthdate, we’ll send a special mailing to celebrate you! Safe & Secure Sign-Ups for: Adults, Teens & YA, Children & Tweens. LEARN MORE.


Prayer Pond • Your Safe Harbor for Prayer.

Welcome to the Chronic Joy Prayer Pond. Your Safe Harbor for Prayer. Share prayer requests, updates, and shouts of praise. It’s safe, secure, and always without judgement. LEARN MORE.


Chronic Joy® Access • Opening doors. Removing barriers.

Opening Doors. Removing Barriers. • Accessibility is an invitation to broaden our perspectives, choosing the simple kindness of including one another, opening doors, and removing barriers. LEARN MORE.


Self-Care • Kindness Multiplied

When we are kind and generous with ourselves, we can pour kindness and love overflowing into others. Take time and take care of you, because you are God’s beloved. LEARN MORE.


Gift of Community

Love One Another Deeply from the Heart. Radical community is rooted in love, nourished in prayer, and strengthened in courageous vulnerability as we listen, engage, forgive, learn, grow, serve, and extend compassion to all. LEARN MORE.


#StepRepPray is an opportunity to meet with God in prayer as you intentionally move in whatever way you are able. With each step or every rep, we invite you to pray for others, to seek God’s guidance, to worship and praise Him, and to thank God for the gift of movement. LEARN MORE.


Creative Sparks • Be Brave. Be Curious. Create!

Though few of us would call ourselves creative, that amazing grace-gift is woven straight into our DNA. As we engage with God, He ignites our curiosity, waking us to wonder and the joy of possibility. Today, be brave. Be curious. Create!. LEARN MORE.


Kindness → Pass It On! Making the Journey Easier for One Another

Making the Journey Easier for All of Us. PASS IT ON! is an invitation to pass on the love and kindness of God – making the journey easier for all of us. Write hope-filled #PenToPaper notes. Share encouraging books, blogs, and websites. Knit prayer shawls. Welcome others into the Chronic Joy community. LEARN MORE.


Gift of Hope

Hope is Possible. Sometimes we just need to know that someone cares, that our stories matter, that hope is possible – even in a life with chronic illness, even through sustained loss, even in the midst of debilitating pain. LEARN MORE.

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