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The Power of a Simple Text

Whether you are the sender or the recipient, a simple heartfelt text can be life-giving, like sending a virtual hug or receiving a warm-hearted smile. A text can carry a bright, little nugget of hope or a beautiful infusion of intentional kindness. A simple text can brighten two hearts, both yours and theirs!


The Power of a Simple Text - #ConnectByText

Let’s Celebrate

Together, we are learning to live a life of celebration amid this unexpected journey through chronic illness, mental illness, chronic pain, and disability.


"Celebration can be an act of worship and an act of hope and perhaps, in a way, an act of joyful rebellion against fear." Katherine Wolf

You Are So Loved • Newsletter

Do you know that you are a precious child of God? You are so loved and we are grateful for you! Can you imagine how it might sound to hear the One who spoke creation into being sing for joy because of you? God has purposed and planned for you. He knows you fully and loves you completely — as is.


You Are So Loved

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