Let’s Pray!

In the Garden of Eden, when God invited Adam and Eve to walk with Him in the cool of the day, there was no agenda or dress code, no necessary preparations. He simply invited them to join Him, walk with Him, talk with Him, be with Him.

Often, we overthink prayer, complicating it by seeking the right words, the right time, or the right place, the perfect formula, so afraid of getting it wrong that we fail to pray at all.

Teresa of Avila said, “Prayer is nothing else than being on terms of friendship with God.”

We don’t overthink talking with our friends – sharing news, good and hard, catching up after time apart, asking their advice, letting them help to carry what is hard. We don’t seek the right words, right time, right place, or perfect formula — we simply pick up the phone or knock on the door or sit down at their table and share.




Yet talking with God seems complex and uncomfortable. We feel awkward and tongue tied. We don’t know what to say or how to say it — and we’re not alone. Our anxiety over prayer stems from that very first bite of forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden – the moment everything between God and His creation changed.

Yet His precious invitation stands. “Come.

However we are, wherever we are, with words and without, freshly showered or after days in our pajamas, day or night, God invites us to be with Him.

We hope these pages will draw you into the Presence of God, not through formulas or words or templates, but through experiences and new ways to think about prayer, enter in to prayer, and be with Jesus.

Come, everyone who thirsts, come to the waters… (Isaiah 55:1)

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Prayer Pond

Share prayer requests, updates, and shouts of praise. #PrayItForward by praying for this ministry and for each request tossed into our Prayer Pond. LEARN MORE.


Suffering & Joy

Suffering and joy are two strands of a single fiber. Joy thrives in the midst of suffering, for it is not rooted in circumstance, but born of the knowledge that God is present in every moment of our lives. LEARN MORE.


Breath Prayers

Every breath is an extraordinary and sacred gift. Without it, we die. That’s what makes breath prayers so powerful. They connect us to God with every breath. LEARN MORE. 


Lament - Crying out to God in prayer

Pushing our pain aside, hiding it, or feeling shame because of it, diminishes our human experience. If Jesus wept and cried out in anguish, why do we feel it is somehow faithless to honestly express lament? LEARN MORE.


Prayer of Examen

The Examen is an ancient prayer of reflection, beautiful in its simplicity, which helps us to recognize God in every moment of our lives. LEARN MORE.


Praying the Psalms

The Psalms are filled with raw honesty, calm reflection, and deep wisdom – words we can say to God when we cannot find our own. LEARN MORE.


Axe Head Prayer • Have you lost your edge?

Redeeming your spiritual edge. As we open our hands in surrender, speaking honestly with God about where we lost our edge, what feels like loss actually draws us deeper into God. LEARN MORE.


Lectio Divina • The Practice of Holy Reading

Lectio Divina is the ancient practice of slowly, contemplatively reading the words of Scripture; an invitation to savor God’s Word as we are nourished, fed, and refreshed in His holy presence. LEARN MORE.


Pray Continually

To pray continually is to reorient from task to presence – less about constant communication than about abiding presence – leaning into a quiet and tender closeness with God. LEARN MORE.


Prayer Journaling

A prayer journal can become a touchstone of God’s love and faithfulness, a reminder of His Presence, and a testimony to God’s abundant mercy and grace. LEARN MORE.


Show Me Prayer

Are you overwhelmed, weary, discouraged, or unsure of how to live this life you’ve been given? There are three words you can always pray: “Show me, Lord.” LEARN MORE.


The Questions of Jesus

The Questions of Jesus draw us into Scripture, invite us into prayer, strengthen and deepen our faith, and help us to identify what we believe and why. LEARN MORE.


Holy Attention

Holy Attention, the spiritual discipline of noticing – of being intentionally aware of – God and His creation, draws us into fresh gratitude, recognizing His Hand in every atom of creation. LEARN MORE.


Prayer Shawls • Kindness with Every Stitch

Kindness with Every Stitch • Prayer shawls are blessings of community, kindness, comfort, and compassion, stitched with prayer and gifted to those who are struggling with illness, pain, anxiety, depression, loneliness, loss, or grief – a gift to maker and receiver. LEARN MORE.

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