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Chronic illness affects nearly 1 in 2 people* – approximately 140 million people in the United States alone – almost half of the world’s population. It impacts every aspect of life – marriage, family, faith, finances, friendships, education, hobbies and work. Chronic illness is hard, but there is hope.

Radical hope. Compassionate change. Equipping those affected by chronic physical and mental illness through community and education rooted in Jesus Christ.


  • Raise awareness of the overwhelming impact of chronic illness
  • Develop faith-based tools, materials and educational resources
  • Foster thriving communities for those affected by chronic illness
  • Facilitate the development of chronic illness ministries in churches and organizations as well as independent small groups in homes, coffee shops, hospitals, libraries, on college campuses, anywhere people gather to share life and discover hope.


  • FAITH BASED RESOURCES : Books We LoveChronic Illness, Caregivers, Mental Illness, Marriage, Parenting
  • EDUCATIONAL TOOLS: Small Group Leader Resources, Write the Story of Your Illness, Exploring Lament, Ambassador Initiative
  • DAILY ENCOURAGEMENT ON SOCIAL MEDIA: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest 
  • DISCOVERING HOPE: Beginning the Journey Toward Hope in Chronic Illness – the first book in our four book study series
  • AVAILABILITY TO SPEAK to your small group, church or organization


*Statistic from National Health Council: Click here for link

jbu.1PAMELA PIQUETTE, President and Co-Founder, is a wife of 30 years, mom of three adult children, two who are married, and has a sweet baby granddaughter. She enjoys hot tea, walking her Teddy Bear dog named Cocoa and reading almost always more than one book at a time.

Pamela has Ehlers-Danlos, fibromyalgia and chronic migraines.



CINDEE SNIDER RE, Co-Founder, is wife of 25 years to the man she loves most in this world, mama of five world-shaking creatives (ages 16-24), author, photographer, craver of quiet, lover of cotton, denim, Jesus and tea.

Cindee and four of her five kids have Ehlers-Danlos and myriad co-existing conditions.

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