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Diana is a follower of Jesus, wife to Richard since 1965, mom of three grown kids, MIL of three amazing bonus kids, and Nana of eight, who fills her days with delight. She has been a stay-at-home mom, a small business owner, and a seminary student in mid-life, answering a call to ministry while there. After 17 years, she retired and is now a certified spiritual director.

Diana is continually surprised by grace, challenged by the Mystery, warmed by the Spirit, and grateful for the gifts of life, both the beautiful and the difficult. Connect with her at

Walking For All I’m Worth

I’m waking up earlier than ever before in my life (I’m a night owl and SO not a morning person!) and I’m usually out of the house about 7 or 7:30 am. In many ways, those walks are a highlight of my day. They’re also good for me — in every way I can think of.


"I often have my longest prayer times when I’m walking." Diana Trautwein

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