God prompts us to pray in many ways.

God uses many things in our lives to prompt us to remember others. (Kara Plett)


There is something delightful about a collaborative recipe book. Do you know the ones I’m talking about? A church, family, school, or organization asks people to submit their favorite recipes and then gathers them to create a cookbook. Beside each recipe is the name of the person who submitted it.

 This is wonderful for a couple of reasons.

  • We often know some of the fabulous cooks/bakers, and seeing their names beside a recipe makes us want to try it.
  • (Maybe most importantly) we are reminded of people as we read their names.

Today, I searched for a recipe and ended up in an old church cookbook. It was probably put together 30 years ago, so there was much nostalgia as I started thumbing through the pages. Distracted from my original search for a particular dessert recipe, I paused on names of people who have passed away, who profoundly impacted my life, or who no longer attend the same church but are loving God and serving Him faithfully in other places. It is such a beautiful reminder of the community of Christ.

Every time I think of you, I thank God for you. (Philippians 1:3)



I finally returned to my initial goal of finding the dessert recipe. When I saw it, the name beside it immediately brought back memories – memories of a young lady with a beautiful smile who had a kind word for each person she met in the foyer at church. She did this from her wheelchair.

I have not seen her for years. She lives in a care home in another part of the city and attends a church that is easier to get to, but her life made an impression on me. As a young person, I saw her joy despite her circumstances. At the time, I did not understand how she could have this joy when she was in a wheelchair. It speaks to me even more today as I now deal with my health issues.

As I continued to remember her, I was prompted to pray for her, knowing God knew her needs today even if I did not. I could do this right away, even before baking my dessert. I also thought I would like to write her a note, and later in the day, I did just that. A short note to thank her for impacting my life – and for the recipe!

What a reminder that our lives speak to people even when we don’t know it!

By the way, her recipe turned out beautifully.

God uses many things in our lives to prompt us to remember others. Maybe browsing social media, conversing with a mutual friend, or even paging through a recipe book reminds us of someone. It is so good to let them know we are thinking about and praying for them – and to thank them for their impact on us.



Father, thank You that You can use everyday things to remind us of people who have blessed us. Thank You for the people You have placed in our lives who have influenced us even when they may not know it. When we remember them, prompt us to lift them to You in prayer. Meet them right where they are today. In Jesus’ name, amen.


  • Do you have some recipe books you feel prompted to look at in a new way today?
  • How do you hope others are seeing your life?
  • Write a note, pick up the phone, or text someone to let them know they’ve blessed you.


If you are unsure what to say in a note, I invite you to take a look at Chronic Joy’s beautiful book called #PenToPaper: Note Starters for Every Day with helpful ideas for every occasion. You can also find a variety of Note Starters on our website (#PenToPaper page) that can help you get started when you don’t know what to say.

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Kara Plett

Kara Plett

Chronic Joy® Staff Writer and Prayer Team

Kara and her husband Conrad live in Calgary, Canada, where she was a teacher for 28 years. She loves the Word of God and encourages others through her devotional writing. Kara felt led to write a book of devotionals (Searching for Sea Glass) when her journey with chronic illnesses pressed her into God’s arms of love more deeply. She prays that her journey and refinement will encourage you in your walk with God.

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