Arms Open • Intercessory Prayer

Moses said to Joshua, “Tomorrow I will stand on top of the hill with the staff of God in my hands.” Exodus 17:9




Have you ever given thought to why Moses would stand on a hill with his arms open?


The battle went well as long as his arms were lifted high and open, but when he faltered, the warriors lost ground. Lifted high, his arms represented his openness and willingness, praying in line with God, and interceding on behalf of the Israelites.




Intercessory prayer is simply prayer for others. An intercessor is one who takes the place of another or pleads another’s case. The primary principle of intercession is to communicate back to God what He first inspires in us. It is a means of releasing His power. God invites us what to pray in His Word. We can pray the Bible. It is profoundly simple as God’s brilliant strategy for including each of us with Him in power. Its mystery is in its simplicity and accessibility to all.


God has chosen intercession as the primary means by which He releases His power now and forever.




  • causes us to internalize God’s Word and it changes us.
  • unites our heart to the people and places we pray for.
  • renews our hope and faith.
  • imparts life (John 6:63).
  • makes a long-term impact beyond this age.
  • humbles us.
  • causes multiple blessings to return to the intercessor (Luke 6:38).


As you begin your time in prayer today:


  • Who is God impressing on your heart?
  • What is He trying to change in your heart? Is there avoidance or difficulty in a relationship?
  • Have you interceded and yet don’t see the “fruit” of that prayer?
  • Are you wondering if your voice even makes a difference?
  • Ask, listen and pray.

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