Every time you smile at someone.

“Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing.” Mother Teresa



Our hearts are wired to serve. We were created for community – to love God and one another.


Perhaps we view serving as big acts, significant time commitments, or specific gifts and talents. When we add chronic illness, serving in traditional or culturally familiar ways can become challenging, but definitely not impossible.

In Galatians 5:13b, we read “… serve one another humbly in love,” but how can we do that with chronic illness?

Francis de Sales reminds us that, “There is nothing small in the service of God.”

Mother Teresa wrote, “Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love…”

Small acts are never small when they are acts of love.


Small actions of love are the very definition of humbly serving one another.  


On hard days, the simple act of smiling might require our brave intentionality, but it is a gift to the one who receives it. That one small act carries love that can change the trajectory of someone’s day, brightening both theirs and yours!


From an earthly perspective, small things like:

  • a cup of cold water given “to the least of these” refreshes Jesus Himself
  • one simple lunch of bread and fish offered in childlike faith fed the 5000
  • faith as small as a mustard seed has the amazing power to move mountains



While you may no longer be able to serve in traditional or culturally familiar ways due to chronic illness, discover creative new ways to love God and love others right where you are, however you are able. Chronic Joy’s Get Involved page is filled with innovative options and easy to implement ideas to inspire and encourage you.

The door is open, Friends, and you are warmly invited! 

God created us for community. We are always #BetterTogether!

Prayer Pond • Your Safe Harbor for Prayer.

Prayer Pond

You're invited to the Prayer Pond, your safe harbor. This is where you can share your prayer requests, updates, and shouts of praise. Whether a request, praise, lament, loss, hope, grief, joy, or plea for release from suffering or pain, each prayer ripples far beyond this day and the boundaries of our world. #PrayItForward by praying for others.




#PenToPaper is a powerful, yet easy way to encourage one another and build each other up by fostering community, offering hope, and letting someone know they are not alone, that they are prayed for, cared about, and genuinely loved. Discover ideas to get you started, note starters (a few words to help you begin), and free, printable stationery.


Chronic Joy® Friend-Raising • Cultivate. Strengthen. Build. It’s all about relationships.


Cultivate. Strengthen. Build.

Friend-Raising starts with story – with our why: why we give, serve, pray, and invest our time, talents, and resources in the mission and ministry of Chronic Joy®. The best part is that you only need a few good friends to start! It’s all about relationship.


Your chronic illness story matters.

Story Matters

Story is the tale of our lives — and it matters. Chronic illness, mental illness, and chronic pain can be isolating and lonely, but sharing our stories can open a door, extend hope, and sometimes spark a life-giving, life-changing conversation with someone else along the way. We’d love to hear your story.


Intentional Kindness → Pass It On!

Intentional Kindness

Making the Journey Easier for All of Us! Kindness is love in action, radical and revolutionary, and proof of the Holy Spirit in usIntentional kindness makes the journey easier for all of us, so pass it on!


Let's Pray!

Let's Pray

Let's Pray is an invitation to develop your Prayer Care Plan.

Slow down. Breathe deep and draw near to God, experiencing His presence in abundant, exceptional, and wildly generous ways.


Creative Ways to Serve

Chronic illness can make serving in traditional or culturally familiar ways challenging – but not impossibleDiscover creative new ways to love God and others right where you are, however you are able.

Creative Ways to Use Chronic Joy Posts & Publications

Talking about the impact of chronic illness, mental illness, chronic pain, and disability on our lives can be incredibly difficult. Sometimes, we are unsure what we think or how we feel, either for ourselves or for our friends or loved ones.

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