... serve one another humbly in love.

Our hearts are wired to serve, because we were created for community.

Chronic illness can make serving in traditional or culturally familiar ways challenging, but not impossible. Discover creative new ways to love God and others right where you are, however you are able.

Galatians 5:13b says, “…serve one another humbly in love.” How can we do that with chronic illness?

Francis de Sales wrote, “There is nothing small in the service of God.”

From an earthly perspective, small things like:

    • a cup of cold water given “to the least of these” refreshes Jesus Himself
    • a simple lunch of bread and fish offered in childlike faith fed more than 5000
    • faith as small as a mustard seed has the amazing power to move mountains

While we may no longer be able to serve in traditional or culturally familiar ways, today we invite you to discover creative new ways to love God and love others right where you are, however you are able.

Learn more about how you can serve today.

The door is open, Friend, and you are most warmly invited! We were created for community, and we are always #BetterTogether!


Visit the Chronic Joy Prayer Pond, where you can share your prayer requests, shouts of praise and #PrayItForward by praying for others’ requests. At Chronic Joy, we’re passionate about prayer. That’s why every Monday is #PrayerMonday, an invitation to pray for this ministry, for those affected by chronic physical and/or mental illness, and for each request tossed into our Prayer Pond. Whether request, praise, lament, suffering, loss, hope, grief, or joy, each prayer ripples far beyond this day and the boundaries of our world.  LEARN MORE.



#PenToPaper is a powerful way to encourage one another and build each other up, to deepen community, extend hope, and remind someone that they are not alone. Chronic Joy Ministry provides beautiful note paper and cards to encourage both sender and receiver. LEARN MORE.



Is there a great book, a go-to website, or a thought-provoking podcast that encourages you in your walk with chronic illness? Would you love to share that resource to ease another’s journey? Through Chronic Joy’s Pass It On program you can! We will review submissions and as accepted, add them to our website. Pass It On opens the door to community, making everyone’s journey a little easier knowing others have gone before us, blazing the trail and sharing what’s been learned. LEARN MORE.


Chronic illness can be isolating and lonely, but sharing our stories – where we’ve seen God and tasted hope, how we’ve experienced peace in the midst of pain and strength on the overwhelming days, where we’ve learned to lean deep and how we’ve grown in faith – those moments bridge barriers and offer hope to those standing at the edge of hopelessness. Your Story can be the start of life-giving, life-changing conversations. We’d love to hear your story. LEARN MORE.  




Our DID YOU KNOW? program offers printable Fact Sheets to create awareness, increase knowledge, and support education in a quick and easy format to share with friends, family, churches, small groups, co-workers, and neighbors. LEARN MORE.


Are you a Little Free Librarian? Chronic Joy provides FREE copies of Discovering Hope to Little Free Library owners across the United States with a label on the inside cover stating: “Yours to Keep.” When you notice your library’s copy of Discovering Hope has found a new home, we invite you to contact us for another copy. LEARN MORE.

Looking for a good book to inspire you, to encourage a friend or loved one, or to include in your Little Lending Library? Books We Love is treasure trove of great titles! LEARN MORE.

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