“Imagination fuels creativity.” Gayl Wright




Where does our imagination come from? I wonder if we were in God’s imagination before creation?

God must have a great imagination to have created such a wonderful world filled with so many beautiful things … such varieties of plants and animals, the sky and seas, the sun, moon and stars. Just think — no two snowflakes are alike! There are all kinds of creatures with so many different markings, colorings, shapes and sizes.


So God created mankind in his own image,
    in the image of God he created them;
male and female he created them.
Genesis 1:27


Because we are created in the image of God, who is the great Creator, I believe He gives each of us the ability to create, at least in some small way. I am a writer, and my imagination helps me find word pictures to convey different emotions, thoughts, and ideas.

God created every single person in His image, yet each totally unique. I think we show part of that image through our imaginations, which can play a big part in what and how we create. They can help us tell stories to encourage others, to bring beauty through words and art, to help us work through difficult situations, or just to entertain and make someone happy. Imagination fuels creativity!




I love the word creativity, don’t you? It evokes happy thoughts and conjures up a myriad of ways to make art. There are professionals who create magnificent paintings, pottery, blown glass, mosaics and much more — but they are not the only ones who can create.

There are many ways to use the creative process. Did you ever think about decorating your house creatively or preparing and serving food in different ways? We can find simple creative ways to share hospitality.

Many moms have looked for creative ways to make food appetizing to children. One of the things my family enjoys is choosing face pancakes for birthday breakfasts. Using chocolate chips, cherries, and whipped cream, we make some interesting faces that look downright alien.

What about a child at play in the mud with their delectable treats of mud pies or fairy potions made from berries? What? You’ve never experienced those? You don’t know what you’re missing!




I would like to share a poem I wrote in February of 2016. The idea for this I am… poem came from a book called Poemcrazy: Freeing Your Life with Words, by Susan Goldsmith Wooldridge. I combined that idea with a thesaurus exercise from a poetry course.

First, I chose the word light, looked up the synonyms, then listed all the words that jumped out at me. I found so many brilliant words from which to choose.

It was a fun challenge to figure out how many I could use in my poem. Can you find them all?

Who Am I?


I am the colors of the sunset,
ablaze with yellows, blues and pinks

I am a sphere
bouncing through the portals of life

I am a clear voice
full of sparkling diamonds

I am a butterfly with phosphorescent wings
buoyant and gentle

I am the song of the wood thrush
pure and luminous

I am one of many voices
igniting the fire of truth

I am a soft warm sofa
all aglow when children are near

I am a pineapple, pepperoni pizza
balancing flavors of sweet and sour

I am a shiny flute spreading frivolity
through a prism of notes

I am a mountain covered with snow
grinning at the world below

I am a glittering waterfall cascading
down into a frothy river

I am a weeping willow wrapping
her arms around those who are sad

~ gsw~


This exercise challenged me to think about who I am and what is meaningful to me. With imagination, I tried to incorporate bits of my personality into the stanzas of this poem.

Maybe you could play around with words and thoughts and write one of your own! It can be as long or as short as you like. Poetry is open to everyone.



I’m thankful God gave each of us an imagination! Creativity and using imagination should be encouraged in our children — and in adults who never believed they had the ability to create. We should praise every small effort, no matter how simple. Even the great masters had to begin somewhere then continue to practice and hone their skills.

For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago. Ephesians 2:10 NLT 

Questions For Reflection

1. Think of how we are each created in God’s image, which includes imagination. How might you use your imagination to share your love for God or His love for you?

2. Can you write a short “I am…” poem using the suggestion above to choose a word and find synonyms? Even if you don’t think you are a poet, I believe everyone can write a poem.

3. How can you use your God-given imagination to enhance your daily life? Even if you are dealing with chronic illness or are a caretaker for someone, don’t be afraid to use your imagination to get you through a challenging day.

Gayl Wright

Gayl Wright

Chronic Joy® Content and SEO Coordinator

Gayl lives in a log home on a hill in Sunset, SC. She and her husband, Steve, raised 7 kids and have 14 grandkids. Some have chronic illnesses and one son is with Jesus. She was a church pianist for many years, and she also homeschooled her kids. Gayl loves to crochet, compose poems, write, art journal and spend time in nature. She is a seeker of truth, looking for beauty in ordinary things. Her desire in life is to glorify God and encourage others. Check out her blog Words, Photos and Art.

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