“Creativity is not a rare gift limited to some elite class of artists. Everyone is born with creativity because we are all sons and daughters of the Creator.” Allen Arnold

“Creativity is not a rare gift limited to some elite class of artists. Everyone is born with creativity because we are all sons and daughters of the Creator.” Allen Arnold


How may God want to use creativity in your life as you journey through chronic illness? Discover a variety of creative sparks to help you get started. Have you ever found yourself thinking:

  • “She’s such an amazing artist.”
  • “He writes so thoughtfully.”
  • “I wish I was creative, but I’m just not.”

Maybe age, the opinions of others, and the pressing needs of today have made us think we’re not creative – but we are, and it looks different for each of us.

In Waves of Creativity (an inspiring book by Allen Arnold), the author reminds us, “Creativity is not a rare gift limited to some elite class of artists. Everyone is born with creativity because we are all sons and daughters of the Creator.”


For those who struggle with an illness or care for someone with an illness, creativity can be especially important. As we create, we connect with God, our Creator! We get to spend time with Him – a place of peace, a place of relief, a place of hope, a place where time gets lost.

Whether it is picking up a paintbrush or a knitting needle, tapping away on a keyboard, or performing a multitude of other creative acts, these actions can press us into the arms of the ultimate creator if we choose to involve Him in it.

As I have journeyed down my road of illness, I have found a renewed richness in creating with God. I have also heard from many others on similar paths that creativity is so important in their journey. Why is this? Could it be that as we journey through the hard times with Him, He is teaching us new things, and these new things are best expressed creatively?


There are so many opportunities to enter into creativity with God. Chronic Joy has a wealth of ideas and places to start in the Creative Sparks section of the website. A great place to get started is to print off a coloring page and look at the prompts in the Contemplative Coloring section. You may be surprised how you can reflect on the Scripture and talk to Him as you work – just giving Him space in your heart and mind as you create.


Who doesn’t love taking a photo? How might God meet you through the lens of your camera?

Photography can be an entry point into rediscovering God’s creation. It can cause us to pause, observe, and notice. The Printables in the Photography section provide some wonderful means to approach photography in unique ways. There are ideas for everyone to try – even kids! Maybe you will want to submit a favorite photo and caption to Chronic Joy.


Anything we do with our hands can allow God space to step into time differently. Several people connected with Chronic Joy took their love of Yarn Arts (like crocheting or knitting) and made it into a ministry. As the yarn runs through their fingers (creating prayer shawls, for example), they pray for the people who will receive them. You can read about some of their journeys with yarn – and perhaps be inspired yourself to give a small project a try using the patterns available on the site.


We all have a story that God is writing. Your story may have changed dramatically with your illness. Maybe it’s time to begin writing some of it down. Try writing a poem that allows you to slow down, notice and explore. Try creating an allegory where you can tell difficult parts of your story from a distance.  Write in a narrative or devotional style, where you can share how God is meeting you right where you are.

Take some time to wander through the different ways to share your story and see if something prompts you. Then – just write. It doesn’t have to be perfect – you can always come back later and tune it up if you feel like it. Let God join you as you write. Allow the Holy Spirit to breathe life into your words. As you write, you may begin to understand more about this journey God is walking with you.


What has God been doing in and through you during this journey of chronic illness? Maybe, you will even want to share part of your story with others and help them realize they are not alone.

Your story matters because no one else has the same one. God has placed you on your own significant journey. Traces of the places you journey as an artist reveal themselves in your art. No one else can access that exact combination because they haven’t walked your exact journey. As you create, infuse your art with more of who you are, not less.


So, what are you curious about? Curiosity is one of the first steps in creativity. As you browse the possibilities within the website, what grabs your attention? What do you feel prompted to try? It may seem frightening, but it will be worth the risk.

Let’s pursue creativity with The Creator!

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Kara Plett

Kara Plett

Chronic Joy® Staff Writer and Prayer Team

Kara and her husband Conrad live in Calgary, Canada, where she was a teacher for 28 years. She loves the Word of God and encourages others through her devotional writing. Kara felt led to write a book of devotionals (Searching for Sea Glass) when her journey with chronic illnesses pressed her into God’s arms of love more deeply. She prays that her journey and refinement will encourage you in your walk with God.

Accessible Poetry

Poetry is an invitation to explore your story in a new way, to write about moments or emotions without specifically naming them, to play with the musicality of words and phrases, to choose words, punctuation, and line breaks carefully. There is no right or wrong way to read or write poetry, just an invitation to begin.

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