“Though few of us would call ourselves creative, that amazing grace-gift is woven straight into our DNA. As we engage with God, He ignites our curiosity, waking us to wonder and the joy of possibility.” Cindee Snider Re

So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.
(Genesis 1:27)


Every person since the beginning of time has been, is now, and will be until the end of time, creative.

We, the Body of Christ, are one great big, extravagant, creative community, and together, we represent the fullness of our Creator God here on earth. Yet relatively few of us would call ourselves creative.


Somewhere along the path to adulthood, many of us took off our creative hats, set them aside, and never looked back, investing our time and talents in “more productive” ways instead.




We forget that creativity isn’t easy. It is fewer lightning bolt moments of inspiration and far more labors of love. It is time poured out, courage plucked up, curiosity piqued, wonder and daring to dream, determination, perseverance, sweat, tears, and often, a whole lot of failure.

Writing isn’t easy even for published authors. Photographers joke that their first 10,000 images are practice. These statements are more true than not. Master mechanics pour years into training and thousands of hard-earned dollars into tools. To earn first-chair concertmaster status, a violinist will practice an average of 10,000 hours. A house isn’t designed or built (or even painted!) overnight.



Creativity is written in our DNA by the One who created everything from nothing.

The creativity of God is spectacular! We witness it in every breath of every hour of every single day. That same Creator has breathed life into almost 100 billion beloved humans since the beginning of time, each with a unique, one-of-a-kind personality and individually distinguishable fingerprints.

Though few of us would call ourselves creative, that amazing grace-gift is woven straight into our DNA. As we engage with God, He ignites our curiosity, waking us to wonder and the joy of possibility. Today, be brave. Be curious. Create!

Creative Photo Challenges

Photography challenges are a fun, hope-filled invitation, a commitment to pick up your camera to simply notice, and click.

Contemplative Coloring • Coloring your way closer to God.

Contemplative Coloring

Coloring Your Way Closer to God
Contemplative coloring draws us into the presence of God as we release stress, anxiety, and worries. Color your way closer to God and explore your creativity with both vibrant and pastel hues of red, yellow, and blue.


Wonder Walks • A Prayer Guide

Wonder Walks • A Prayer Guide

Wonder Walks are an invitation to savor God’s holy fingerprint in every atom of creation, to engage our senses and cultivate curiosity, to listen for His still small voice, and to delight in His extraordinary creativity.

Story Matters

Creatively Express Your Story

We can feel isolated and powerless when living with chronic illness, but what if your story begins to bridge the gaps?  What if your story offers a glimmer of hope to someone standing at the edge of hopelessness?

Accessible Poetry

Poetry is an invitation to explore your story in a new way, to write about moments or emotions without specifically naming them, to play with the musicality of words and phrases, to choose words, punctuation, and line breaks carefully. There is no right or wrong way to read or write poetry, just an invitation to begin.

Allegory • Symbolic Storytelling

Allegory is a beautiful, artistic form of storytelling that offers us an opportunity to explore difficult, painful, or vulnerable parts of our stories from a safer distance and a fictional character’s perspective.

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