May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him.

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him. (Romans 15:13)



What a joy it is to pause, reflect, and gratefully praise God for his faithfulness! Each year we reflect on the many ways we have seen God on the move. Consequently, we are awed and humbled by all He has accomplished. With thankfulness we wish you peace, hope and joy this Christmas season. As you read through the post look for our free #PentoPaper gift to you.



  • Chronic Joy launched the Prayer Pond, extending a heartfelt invitation to our community, a place to share prayer requests and to #PrayItForward for one another. Subsequently, Bettie Gilbert inked arms with us, accepting the position of Volunteer Prayer Coordinator. And more recently she joined us as a board member. In addition, she writes weekly prayers for our community and prays over each request. Moreover, as part of our #PenToPaper program she reaches out with love and encouragement whenever possible. And she also writes engaging posts several times a year.
  • Since prayer is an important part of Chronic Joy, we have added more pages to our Prayer section. These include Breath Prayers – which can connect us to God with every breath, Lament – crying out to God in prayer, the Prayer of Examen – a prayer of reflection – learning to see God in every moment, Praying the Psalms words we can pray to God when we cannot find our own, Suffering and Joy joy can thrive in the midst of suffering. If you visit these pages you will learn more about each one and find resources to help and encourage you in your prayer life.
  • In addition, our Mental Illness resources have expanded with pages for each of the following: Anxiety Seeking prayer, peace and rest for this moment, Depression Longing for light in the darkness, and Suicide Prevention Hold Onto Possibility Everyday HOPE. If you are struggling or know someone who is, we pray you will be blessed and encouraged as you visit these pages.


  • Our Gift of Hope program, launched in 2016, provides individual FREE copies of Discovering Hope to those in need of hope as they walk through the difficult days with chronic illness,. Subsequently, it has continued to make an impact around the world. For example, to-date, we have shipped books to 13 countries (Kenya, Tunisia, Zambia, Singapore, Philippines, Australia, Canada, Germany, England, Ireland, Scotland, Netherlands, and Argentina), 46 states, including Alaska and Hawaii, and the territory of Puerto Rico.
  • Because you are so important to us we continue to send out #PenToPaper notes all year long. In truth, we were stunned when we realized that each year over 4000 cards and notes have made it into your mailboxes. Therefore, we’d love to send you tangible expressions of hope. In order to be included, please click here to sign-up  today!



Chronic Joy® is grateful to God for His faithfulness, and for you, our amazing community. Our ministry focus: We pray and serve. We create and give. And God ignites! In the same way, when you pray, serve, create, or give to Chronic Joy, you speak hope and life to hearts around the world affected by chronic physical and mental illness.

Therefore, as we place our resources and gifts – our loaves and fish – in the hands of our faithful Heavenly Father, we look forward with great anticipation to what He will do each year.

Additionally, we have been honored to learn how we’ve blessed you through our service and how you are blessing one another as you serve. Likewise, may God enable us to encourage each other sharing peace, hope and joy throughout the year.



Thank you so much for praying for me. You are such blessings. Thank you for sending me the card in the mail, what a blessing, and for reminding me of the woman with the lost coin and how she had HOPE and PURPOSE and WORTH. Thank you also for sending me some notecards to bless others. I love sending cards to others, so it was a double blessing … Card writing has taken a back burner this year with all I’ve had going on. I didn’t have the energy to do it. But I will get back into it — and will love using them.

Anna S.

This ministry inspired me to create a small group ministry in my church for chronic illness and caregivers. And now I’m in seminary!

Sarah S.

I wanted to thank you and the Chronic Joy team for the thoughtful, encouraging and challenging Instagram images and quotes. They constantly act as a ‘touchstone’ to the eternal reality we rejoice in amidst the busy online and offline world. I have been blessed by them.

Emily J. Maurits



#PenToPaper notes can be such a blessing – a gift to both sender and receiver! As a result, through this small act of service, when we share a note of encouragement, an inspiring quote, a prayer, and/or the words of Scripture, own hearts are often cheered too.

Therefore, it is our joy to offer you the gift of three beautiful, downloadable, printable Christmas stationery options. Then you can share a bit of peace, hope and joy this season with those you know and love.


Together, let’s love and serve one another!


Your gift makes a BIG difference in the life of our community. #PenToPaper is so much more than mail. In fact, each beautifully designed mailing includes:

  • an inspiring image
  • words of encouragement, blessing, prayer, and/or Scripture
  • Chronic Joy educational resources
  • special offerings




When we each give what we have, together we are bolder, braver, and stronger.

Consequently, community is deepened and grown as we pray with and for one another, as we serve each other, and as we invest in one another.

God knows the heart behind our gifts. Indeed, he sees our sacrifice. And He is delighted when we selflessly pour out for one another.

At Chronic Joy, we simply bring what we have, willing hearts and our simple loaves and fish, and God makes a way – every single day.  In spite of illness. In spite of anxiety. Yes, even in spite of daily pain. In spite of a spate of surgeries. In spite of overwhelming fatigue. And in spite of all we don’t know and the skills we do not have.

In spite of our lack – or maybe precisely because of it – God makes a way, because Chronic Joy isn’t ours, it’s His.

From the beginning, many have sacrificially offered their hands, hearts, and gifts to this ministry:


  • thousands of hours of donated time
  • countless hours of prayer
  • brainstorming, encouragement, and listening ears
  • IT support and security
  • database design and maintenance
  • photography, videography, and graphic design
  • willing hands to fold, stuff, stamp, and seal
  • dozens of trips to the post office
  • woodworking, interviews, and audio recordings
  • financial gifts
  • Chronic Joy has no paid staff


$6 #PenToPaper - Give Monthly




SPEAK LIFE to someone who needs to know they are thought of, cared about, and prayed for with a beautifully designed #PenToPaper, snail mail packet.

Give Hope Every Month




GIVE HOPE to someone who feels isolated, lonely, or forgotten about. Through you, Chronic Joy is able to provide the Gift of Hope free to those who ask.

Ignite change




IGNITE CHANGE fuels Chronic Joy’s 10 vital programs, hope-filled resources, and educational materials. Change is possible. You make it happen!

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