“… encourage one another, be of one mind, live in peace. And the God of love and peace will be with you.” 2 Corinthians 13:11


Is there anyone who doesn’t enjoy receiving personal letters or cards in the mail? Today almost everything seems instant – messaging, email, Skype, etc. While we enjoy the convenience of always having our mobile phones nearby, handwriting a letter has certainly taken a back seat. What a joy to get a letter in the mail knowing that someone cared enough to take the time to write! There is something precious about holding a handwritten note in your hands, reading it over again anytime.

We all need the kindness and encouragement of others, to know we are thought of, cared about, and loved. Intentional kindness is the heart of Chronic Joy’s You Get Mail.



Do you remember receiving a personal, handwritten note in the mail? Maybe you had a grandma who, even though her income was limited, sent her grandchildren cards for their birthdays, Christmas, and other special days. Maybe you were away from home at college and someone took the time to send you a monthly note or care package. Do you have a #PenToPaper story to share about a card or letter that came at the very moment you needed it most?

You are unique and one-of-a-kind, a masterpiece created in the image of God. The ❤️ of You Get Mail is our deep desire to remind all who receive our #PenToPaper packets of God’s incredible love for them, one precious person at a time.



Sign up to receive our free, professionally designed, and printed, old-school, #PenToPaper snail mail throughout the year. When you include your birthdate, we’ll send a special mailing in celebration of you! Sign-ups for adults, teens, and children.

You Get Mail!

You Get Mail!

Sign up to receive free, professionally designed and printed, old-school, #PenToPaper snail mail throughout the year. When you include your birthdate, we’ll send a special mailing to celebrate you! Safe & Secure. Sign-Ups for: adults, teens, and children.


$6 Makes A Difference



SPEAK LIFE each month to one precious person who needs to know they are thought of, cared about, and prayed for with a beautifully designed #PenToPaper snail mail packet.

Sponsor A Little Sonshine

Sponsor A Little Sonshine!

Join Chronic Joy in sending packets of pint-sized fun to kids worldwide affected by illness and pain CJ Star and his winsome Sonshine Squad encourage our Littles to be brave and kind, have fun, keep praying, and try new things.

⭐️  Donate $6 – Fund one fun-filled envelope for one precious Little.

⭐️  Donate $12 – Supply exciting and engaging activity sheets.

⭐️  Donate $50 – Provide shareable stickers for our Littles and their friends.


When we know Christ and have been blessed by His encouragement through the hearts and hands of His people, we discover even more joy when we pass it on! In each You Get Mail packet, you’ll find two blank-back flat cards so you can encourage others.

Wouldn’t it be great if more of us took the time to reach out to one another with the personal touch of a card or letter in the mail? The investment is small. It takes just a few minutes to let someone know you care through a sentence or two — or a favorite Bible verse, but the ripples of your love will extend far beyond the words you write. Share the love! Become part of the heart of You Get Mail today!

Chronic Joy offers flat cards and stationery with Scripture verses or other encouraging words. Check our #PenToPaper page to find suggestions and ideas for what to include in a letter. Prayerfully consider how God might want you to encourage someone else.


As you look ahead to sharing the love of Jesus, you’re invited to print out our free #PenToPaper stationery. How about writing a personal note introducing Chronic Joy? Consider including additional print resources.

Sharing Life  Discovering Hope Stationery


PenToPaper-Note Starters for Every Day

#PenToPaper: Note Starters for Every Day

This book is brimming with inspiration and is chock-full of note starters. Find words to express compassion, gratitude, celebration, grief, and laughter. Discover fun ways to write to a special child in your life. You will even spot note-starters for difficult relationships. You’ll turn to this faith-filled and thoughtfully curated resource again and again!

Who will you write to today?


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