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We’re excited to be stepping into audio to make our resources more accessible and inclusive. At a time when our world feels even more isolated and lonely, listening to a real voice read the words of a post might be the only voice someone hears that day. As the posts are recorded, you’ll notice a sound symbol at the top of the page. Just click and listen! Via social media, you’ll discover a post has audio through the hashtag: #AudioBlog💿.




The Voices of Chronic Joy are a dynamic, compassionate, and caring community of volunteers who felt the gentle nudge of God and stepped in. They are investing their time and talents in this exciting and deeply needed offering of audio blogs. Whether visually impaired, struggling with exhaustion and fatigue, or simply needing to hear a real voice to break up the quiet of your day, we pray that audio blesses and encourages you. In addition to audio blogs, many of our webpages will also be available as audio in the coming months.

Visit today to check out our audio blogs and check back often to hear what’s new. Then #PassItOn and invite others to listen too.




Besides audio blogs, #PenToPaper is near and dear to Chronic Joy, and a tangible, practical way to encourage one another. From the beginning, we’ve sent postcards and notes of encouragement to our community. Each packet includes an inspiring postcard, helpful guides, encouraging tips, and blank note- or postcards inviting recipients to reach out and #PayItForward with a little #PenToPaper of their own. Mailings are specially designed with our community in mind.

Our mailings have included more than 1000 packets for men, women, teens, young adults, and children across the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and even one to Finland. Each month, our #PenToPaper grows, and with each mailing, we learn a little bit more.

Did you receive our latest #PenToPaper packet? If not, it’s FREE! Sign up today: You Get Mail! 


Sign-up to receive inspiring, encouraging (Fun! Free!) #PenToPaper snail mail. And don’t forget to include your birthday so we can celebrate you!

You Get Mail!


We would love to bless you with inspiring images, encouraging words, and the opportunity to share a little #PenToPaper love of your own with others. Our beautifully-designed packets are filled with encouragement and are always entirely free. Sign up today!

You Get Mail! Young Adults


Young adults, you're invited to sign up for free #PenToPaper snail mail designed just for you. Thoughtful, unique, and  inspiring packets will arrive in your mailbox throughout the year, inviting you to share the love with others. Sign up today. (Safe and secure.)

You Get Mail - Keep Being Brave - Teen & YA


Teens, you're invited to sign up for free #PenToPaper mailings designed especially for you. Engaging, edgy, and transformational snail mail will wing its way to your mailbox throughout the year. Sign up today and invite a friend!  (Safe and secure.)


Kids Get Mail!


CJ Star and the Sonshine Squad want children to know how much they are loved by Jesus. Engaging characters bring laughter, delight, and sunshine to even difficult days. Parents, SIGN UP your child (and their siblings) for free. (Sign-ups are safe, secure and never shared.) 


$6 #PenToPaper - Give Monthly




SPEAK LIFE every month when you give the gift of #PenToPaper, a powerful, yet easy way to encourage one another and build each other up. Foster community, offer hope, let someone know they are not alone, and that they are prayed for, cared about, and loved.

Receive our special SPEAK LIFE thank you gift, along with a handwritten note expressing our gratitude, a gorgeous set of notecards, and a stylish pen on the one-year anniversary of your donation.

Prayer & Note Starters

#PenToPaper Note Starters


Would you send a note of encouragement if you just knew what to write? Have you ever wanted to brighten someone’s day, but just didn’t know what to say? We can help! Sometimes all it takes is a few good words to get you started.

Our free printable offers an inspiring collection of short, heartfelt messages to brighten anyone’s day. The perfect compliment to our notecard sets. Looking for a little bit more? Check out our Prayer Printable, a soul-stirring treasury of quotes and Scripture.


We are blessed to link arms, hearts, and minds with some incredibly talented, Christ-led, mission-hearted people. Together we are better. Together, we can change the world one precious life at a time.

Introducing The Voices of Chronic Joy: Sandra, Natalie, Jan, Barry, Jamie, Rebecca, Steve and Melody.

Sandra Heska King

Sandra Heska King

Nurse, Writer, Poet, and A Voice of Chronic Joy®

Sandra is a wife of over 48 years, adoptive mom to two, and “nama” to five. She has worked in multiple nursing specialties, including family practice, OB/GYN, operating room, and public health. She writes from her home in South Florida where she lives on the edge of the Everglades. Sandra loves to hike and photograph wildlife, and sometimes even kayaks with alligators. She is addicted to books, Häagen-Dazs® Coffee Almond Crunch ice cream bars, and jasmine tea. Sandra posts photos on Instagram, writes sporadically on her blog, and is a contributing writer and social media team manager for Tweetspeak Poetry. Her daughter is diagnosed with Crohn’s and RA.

Natalie Ogbourne

Natalie Ogbourne

A Voice of Chronic Joy® & Writer

Natalie is a wife, a mom, and a reluctant hiker who has learned that finding her way in the woods helps her walk by faith in everyday life. She writes and speaks to encourage others to navigate the landscape of life by faith rather than autopilot.

Jan VanKooten

Jan VanKooten

Chronic Joy® Editor and Board Member

Jan and her husband Gerry divide their time between Sterling, Alaska and Sedona, Arizona (where she is a choir director at Sedona United Methodist Church). Jan's love of words fills the spaces in between being a wife, mom, grandmother, and retired music educator.

Sedona also provides Jan and Gerry great Red Rock views and amazing hiking trails -- if you're ever in the area from April through October, do drop by!

Barry Gilbert

Barry Gilbert

A Voice of Chronic Joy®

Barry, who works full-time designing catalog pages, has also been a Children’s Pastor, Curriculum Developer, and Dramatic Presenter. Most days you'll find him working from home, and after work-hours, caring for his wife, Bettie, on her journey with chronic illness. Barry and Bettie live in a small town in Southeast Wisconsin. They take great joy in their weekend coffee breaks together, and are still going strong after more than 40 years together.

Jamie Wright Bagley

Jamie Wright Bagley

Jamie has been writing poems since she was a child, often while perched on the branches of her favorite climbing tree. Throughout her life, she has continued to love both nature and imagery, and the quiet power of listening for the voice of the Spirit in everyday moments. She blogs about chronic illness, poetry, creative presence, and the spiritual path unfolding before her.

Rebecca Lila

Rebecca Lila

A Voice of Chronic Joy®

Rebecca is a stay-at-home, homeschooling Mama of one. She enjoys gardening, cooking, hand-lettering, coffee, and spending times with friends. God has brought Rebecca and her husband through some very scary health issues, where they've experienced the grace of God ever stronger in their lives.  

Steve Wright

Steve Wright

A Voice of Chronic Joy®

Steve was born at home in Haddonfield, N.J. less than a year after Pearl Harbor. He graduated from Rutgers Camden with a BA degree, then MEd from the University of North Florida. He taught science and math for 23 years, then worked for 23 years as a computer analyst.  He is now retired and homesteading on a small scale. His current interests are in music and Reformed Theology. He is married to Gayl going on 47 years.

Melody Bollinger

Melody Bollinger

Prayer Team & Contributing Writer

Melody is an imperfect woman loved by our perfect God. She longs for others to share the same intimacy she has with Him, knowing and experiencing Him as tender-hearted and relational. Melody lives in the scenic Texas Hill Country and has a beautiful God-given daughter and son-in-law who reside in California with their two adorable rescue dogs named Courage and Wonder. Learn more about her new book: Loved One: An Invitation to Feel God's Love and to Experience His Desire to Be Your God-Sized Help.

Photo by: Christine Lee Smith Photography

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