I am a wineskin made new



It’s easy to give when the cost is light

and time is easy, but when the price


inflates, I balk, clenching my fists,

refusing to expend, determined


to preserve, because love excavates

all that I have …

all that I am


exhuming every last thing, flinging

specious pride beyond the city gates


with the rats and the refuse,

a moldering stench of pretension


riven from my fists …

loss upon loss …

upon cascading loss …


till I’m utterly void, destitute, bereft,

and impoverished, heaved onto the ash



heap with Job, hollow, numb,

and sepulchral … oozing


when love bleeds into the hollow,

suffusing Eden’s ache with a touch so


tender it shears self, cleaving pain and

shattering suffering into resplendent


shards of joy, glimpses of a world beyond

the veil. Source and Genesis. Alpha and


Omega. I am steeped in His Spirit, a wine

skin made new, those years the locusts


have eaten He redeems with a word …

Light of the World. Bread of Life.


Shepherd. Gate. Vine. The Way.

The Truth. The Life. Because He is


I Am.

Cindee Snider Re

Cindee Snider Re

Author, Designer, and Co-Founder of Chronic Joy®

Cindee is married to the man she loves most in this world, Mom to five adult kids plus a son- and daughter-in-love, and Lolli to an adorable grandbaby. She and four of her kids have Ehlers-Danlos and myriad co-existing conditions. While a life steeped in illness is not what she would have chosen, through it, she’s learning that the deeper the valley, the greater her capacity for joy.

Cindee is the author of Discovering Hope, Finding Purpose, Embracing Worth, and I Take You in Sickness and in Health.

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