“May our Lord Jesus Christ himself and God our Father, who has loved us and given us eternal encouragement and good hope by grace, encourage your hearts and strengthen you in every good work and word.” 2 Thessalonians 2:16-17



May our Lord Jesus Christ himself and God our Father,
who has loved us and given us eternal encouragement and good hope by grace,
encourage your hearts and strengthen you in every good work and word.

(2 Thessalonians 2:16-17)




As an oasis brings refreshment in the desert, so we hope these hand-picked posts will bring refreshment to you. In this month’s Oasis of Hope, we will touch on three holidays – National Day of Prayer, National Fitness Day, and National Notebook Day. At first glance these days seem quite different, but there are places where they intersect and overlap. The posts chosen offer a glimpse into what these days have in common. We hope they will encourage you, deepen your faith, and help you find peace.




In our first selection (The Power of Prayer), Heidi Peterson describes how, over the years, she realized that prayer is much more than just a conversation with God. Her story brings to light the power of prayer and how it changed her.

The next post (Develop Your Prayer Care Plan) details how to develop a prayer care plan and contains links to all of Chronic Joy’s prayer pages, which offer many resources to deepen your faith and relationship with God.




If you are a chronic illness sufferer, you may think there is no room for exercise in your life. In our third article (Do Not Despise Small Beginnings), Cindee Snider Re describes how very small beginnings can make a big difference. Starting slowly and proceeding steadily, Cindee combined exercise on an elliptical with prayer as she interceded for friends, family, and ministries.

Next, Vicki Heath shares how her life was transformed when she realized that everything we do can be an act of worship (Worship, A Fresh Look: Run, Pray, Praise).

Build An Ebenezer, one of our free printables, invites you to “build” touchstones of remembrance by offering encouraging ways to get started, such as listing daily blessings or marking God’s answers to your prayers. As challenges arise, these touchstones will be poignant reminders of God’s tender care for you throughout your life.

Finally, our sixth selection is our prayer journaling page (Prayer Journaling) with inspiring ideas and thoughtful prompts to help you step into prayer journaling.




We pray you find encouragement through these words penned by people who struggle, but who are also finding peace in the midst of suffering. We pray your faith is deepened and your spirit refreshed through this edition of Chronic Joy’s Oasis of Hope.

The Power of Prayer

Prayer is not a new concept for me. As a child, I remember praying nightly for my dad and younger brother who were diagnosed with a genetic disease.


"I knew I had to trust God, and even though I did not understand, this was the path He had chosen." Heidi Peterson

Do Not Despise Small Beginnings

The first day back was slow – a very, very slow five minutes. And though I felt worse after exercising, I kept at it, continuing to log “my paltry five minutes” each day. Over the next several weeks, I added minutes and music, letting my stride sync with the rhythm of the songs.


Do not despise small beginnings...
Build An Ebenezer

Build An Ebenezer

Remembering God's Faithfulness

God’s people built Ebenezers, touchstones of help, to anchor them in truth in the midst of frightening, painful, difficult, or challenging circumstances.

Poetry Journaling

Prayer Journaling

A prayer journal can become a touchstone of God’s love and faithfulness, a reminder of His presence, and a testimony to God’s abundant mercy and grace.


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