"What would it look like for you to create an inviting space to sit with the LORD? He can hardly wait to spend time with you!" Melody Bollinger

“What would it look like for you to create an inviting space to sit with the LORD? He can hardly wait to spend time with you!” Melody Bollinger


This morning, I awoke heavy-hearted. Honestly, that’s nothing new, but this morning, bearing on my soul were more than my usual inner struggles. No healing whispers. Journaling preceded the poems that followed:

“Why are you so downcast, Melody?”

Because, LORD, there is so much piled up around me personally and coming apart in this world. I grieve, I don’t see sunlight this side of life, and I feel assault everywhere around me, even in me.

I feel almost hopeless.

O that I could ride away on the wings of Your dove, but then my daughter would have to deal with the huge mess I left! My life is not in order.



I ask my soul, “Would God kick me to the curb
When my heart is overwhelmed?
Would He arrest me with judgment,
When I can’t see above clouds made gray?”

“No,” my soul hears, “I whisper in your ear,
You’re My precious one, this day, do not fear.
For I hold you close, so close to My own heart.
Can you feel it reverberate, My life — you’re a part?”

“No, my LORD, I can’t hear it, above the noise of my pain.
Sometimes I’m so afraid, and enveloped with fear —
Speak to me again, till I feel You near.”



“Ride this wave, My dear one,
It won’t always be this dark.
You will one day look back with wonder,
At how you’ve come so far.

Do not be discouraged.
Do not quiver in fear.
For you are being divinely watched over —
That of Heaven is, oh so near.

My angels stand before Me.
They stand at My command,
To keep you, My dear one from falling —
While it is I, Myself, Who holds your hand.

You are weary.
You fear the fight.
My Precious one —
I’ll walk beside, and even carry you, through this long dark night.

Shut off the noise.
Quiet your heart.
And you will hear Me gently whisper,
You’re mine —chosen from the start.”



Conversation with God lifted my heart. I knew I was heard, I knew God felt my pain, and I knew that He cared deeply. Most of all, I felt His compassion and love. Healing whispers filled my heart.


  • Dear friend, what lays heavy on your heart right now?
  • What would it look like for you to create an inviting space to sit with the LORD? He can hardly wait to spend time with you!

Wherever you are most comfortable, talk or write to God anything that you’re able to express. Be honest and don’t worry about being articulate. God is a reader of the heart. His healing whispers may comfort you as you pray and read His word.

My salvation and glory depend on God, my strong rock.

My refuge is in God. Trust in him at all times, you people;
pour out your hearts before him.
God is our refuge.
(Psalm 62:7-8)

Melody Bollinger

Melody Bollinger

Chronic Joy® Contributing Writer

Melody is an imperfect woman loved by our perfect God. She longs for others to share the same intimacy she has with Him, knowing and experiencing Him as tender-hearted and relational. Melody lives in the scenic Texas Hill Country and has a beautiful God-given daughter and son-in-law who reside in California with their two adorable rescue dogs named Courage and Wonder. Learn more about her new book: Loved One: An Invitation to Feel God's Love and to Experience His Desire to Be Your God-Sized Help.

Photo by: Christine Lee Smith Photography

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He left the 99 to rescue me – yesterday, today, and always (Matthew 18:12 paraphrase). Our worth isn't based on who we are or what we can do but on who God is. We are the work of His hands.

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