“Chronic illness is a heavy burden, so heavy we can sometimes wonder if God truly is who He says He is and if His promises are true.” Erin Burkhardt



Chronic illness is a heavy burden, so heavy we can sometimes wonder if God truly is He who says He is and if His promises are true. Our hearts wrestle with these huge questions and sometimes fill us with doubt, but we can look to God with certainty that no matter our pain, we are not alone.


I wake up and it’s there
The fear of the unknown
All life’s pain is around me
It’s carried as I’ve grown

Do You really hear my prayers
When I cry out to the sky?
Are Your arms truly around me
To hold me when I cry?

I’ve done what good believers do
I’ve poured into Your Word
Yet I still feel fear inside me
Bursting to be heard

I see the cross inside my mind
And know what You have done
Has it really sunk in deep
The battle has been won?

I cast my cares upon Your back
They’re more than I can bear
But You promised to deliver me
No matter what shame I wear

Thank You for divine reminders
I do not walk alone
All pain in life is fleeting
But You’re my solid stone


Yellow Bubbles
Erin Burkhardt

Erin Burkhardt

Chronic Joy® Contributing Writer

Erin is a grateful follower of Jesus, navigating the different stages of life through the eyes of chronic illness. She has a passion for empowering others by encouraging them to trust God even in the most difficult circumstances. Erin and her husband (along with their two young boys) are purposeful and passionate in living out their faith and loving their neighbors. Her other passions include freelance writing, loom knitting, and fishing!

Poetry as Prayer

Writing our own psalms is about learning to express our emotions in an unedited way, it’s about giving voice to our joy and our pain. Writing haiku teaches us focus on a single moment, awakening us to the wonder of creation all around us.

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