Silhouette of girl with arms raised praying


fear nibbles at the edges of her soul, like a rat
aboard a sinking ship that leaks, lists and tips
because she has woken to face yet another
pain filled day, unrefreshed in every way

her spirits are plummeting fast and her heart
contracts as she thinks about the future, for
she longs above anything else not to become
a burden to others or to those she loves

during these days of increasing debility
and weariness, she can often forget
just who she should be handing all her
heavy burdens over to—until he speaks

with whispered reassurance in his voice
for her hurting soul—while he pours the balm
of hope into her heart, forcing fear and
discouragement to flee, and she falls

further, on bended knee, when Jesus
tenderly reminds her once again that
every burden handed over to him will
not only lessen the load on her soul

it will also miraculously transmute
into a blessing by faith, shaping her
perception, if not her situation in life

and so she prays, tears welling up in her
eyes, and she gives praise like a willing
sacrifice, in spite of nothing visible yet

taking place, she has already tasted his
goodness and grace, and sensed the difference
inside, where calm and peace now abide

First published at November 2018. *Republished with permission © joylenton.

Joy Lenton

Joy Lenton

Contemplative Writer and Poet

Joy is a wife, mother, grandma to one beautiful boy, M.E and chronic illness sufferer who spends many days in PJs penning poetry and prose. Joy is also a work in progress by God’s grace.

She is the author of Seeking Solace: Discovering Grace in Life’s Hard Places, and a contributor to Mosaic of Grace: God’s Beautiful Reshaping of Our Broken Lives by James Prescott.

Joy has also contributed to Taking off The Mask: Daring to Be The Person God Created You to Be by Claire Musters, and Finding Purpose: Rediscovering Meaning in a Life with Chronic Illness by Cindee Snider Re.

Her latest book is called Embracing Hope: Soul Food to Help Chase Away the Blues.

You can find her sharing her regular insights and poetry at


Embracing Hope: Soul Food to Help Chase Away the Blues

Joy Lenton

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Seeking Solace

Seeking Solace: Discovering grace in life’s hard places

Joy Lenton

Joy offers us a glimpse into her world with the aching immediacy and transparency of a poet. She shares her painful past and challenging circumstances to reveal how she has learned to seek solace and find peace, and how you can do so too. Her journey leads to discerning and discovering grace in life’s hard places.

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Lament - Crying out to God in prayer


Pushing our pain aside, hiding it, or feeling shame because of it, diminishes our human experience. If Jesus wept and cried out in anguish, why do we feel it is somehow faithless to honestly express lament?


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