Chronic Illness Cannot Take Me - a poem by Laurie Glass

Chronic illness: You took many things, but you cannot take me. (Laurie Glass)


While we may lose a lot at the hands of a chronic illness, there are still things it cannot take from us. We still can love, serve God, and more – and in time, with God’s help, we can learn to cope with the challenges an illness brings. We can even thrive in new ways.



You came,
you stole,
spoiled my life,
but you will not succeed.
You cannot take me down.

I tried everything
to get rid of you,
peel you off me,
break free.
Nothing worked,
but I will rise above your intended ruin.
You cannot rake me down.

I will not feel
less than,
unworthy of love,
I will not
look down on myself.
You cannot drown me in self-doubt.

It isn’t my fault
I can’t do more.
The waves of change won’t diminish me.
My worth reaches beyond what I can do,
where I can go.
You took away many abilities,
but you cannot take me.

You may always be here,
I may always feel your breath,
but you will not break me,
you will not drown me
in a place of darkness or despair.
Yes, you may be here,
but that doesn’t mean
you can dictate how I feel about myself.
You cannot dishearten me.

I remain someone
who can
breathe and believe,
love and serve,
persevere and have purpose,
show care and compassion,
be strong and steady.
You cannot take away these pieces of me.

Yes, you came,
you stole,
spoiled my life,
but you will not succeed.
You took many things,
but you cannot take me.


  1. Consider writing a letter to your chronic illness: claim what is yours, declaring that the illness cannot take away the real you who lives inside.
  2. Pray and ask the Lord to help you cope and remain steady amid the topsy-turvy life a chronic illness can bring.
  3. What is one way you have grown and become stronger as you have faced the challenges of living with a chronic illness?


As you declare that a chronic illness cannot take away the true you nor steal your ability to serve, I invite you to find additional support and encouragement in Chronic Joy’s Biblical Purpose printable.

Happy Bubbles
Laurie Glass

Laurie Glass

Chronic Joy® Staff Writer

Laurie has a Master's Degree in Christian Counseling and is the author of Coping with ME/CFS. Many of her poems and articles have been published in print and online. She won the Open Medicine Foundation poetry contest in 2019. Laurie loves to use her gift of writing to encourage others. Her book Expressing Your Grief: Through Poems and Prayers is available on Amazon.

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