This is the day the Lord has made



If only I was healthy, LORD,

How happy I would be.

No more spacing out my activities;

Low energy would not hinder me.

I’d help my friends and neighbors

And do for others all the while.

I’d visit people in nursing homes

And do it with a smile.

I’d shop until I drop,

No more limited time on my feet.

I’d walk all the way around our block,

That would be a wonderful treat!

Headaches, fatigue and nausea

No more would weigh me down.

I’d dance around joyfully,

And never wear a frown.

I’d love to be healthy today, LORD,

Could you microwave me until I’m done?

I’m tired of being in this slow cooker,

Most days it’s just no fun.

But LORD, if my life was simple,

I might forget to pray.

I’d get caught up in the rat race

That drives our culture each day.

I want to stay close to You, LORD,

No matter what it takes,

So keep me sitting at Your feet

My stubborn will to break.

LORD, I pray for my attitude

To glorify You each day,

As You continue to refine me

Each and every step of the way.

Happy Bubbles
Tammi Rhoney

Tammi Rhoney

Tammi loves JESUS, the doctrines of Justification and Predestination, beautiful butterflies, bird watching, photography, sewing, and stenciling. Her favorite seasons are spring and fall. Because she is mostly homebound, she takes photos in her backyard, adds Scripture to them, and makes them into two cards sizes and five canvas sizes. You can view her photos on her Facebook page, “Tammi Rhoney Photography.” She also loves her very supportive and helpful husband of 23 years, Todd, and her black and tan miniature dachshund named Mini.

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