You are known, noticed, and not alone. Joy Lenton

“You are known, noticed, and not alone.” Joy Lenton

Rest in God alone, my soul, for my hope comes from him. He alone is my rock and my salvation, my stronghold; I will not be shaken. (Psalm 62:5-6)





a beached ship
sails furled, all forlorn
waiting for tides
longing for opportunity
to set sail again, break free


it’s abandoned
to the elements, to life
for now
come summer it will set off
seeking to explore new shores


I watch the wind
batting at its sturdy frame
buffeting me
as I scan the mudflats
watch seagulls soar and dance


perhaps there is
hope for both of us yet
deposited here
in unchosen times and tides
on the edge of active life


I sense deep
similarities between
this ship and me
both vessels with inner strength
we will regain resilience



On our journey toward embracing hope, we soon realize it has to be fought for. If it simply slipped over our shoulders, like a warm comfort blanket from heaven, we wouldn’t value it so much.

With God by our side, as we traverse the painful and hard, we see how faith and hope rise and flourish in knowing he loves us, walks with us, and will never leave us. It’s the reassurance we need to stay strong.

May these words bring you hope that you are known, noticed, and not alone. Our journey toward embracing hope is worth fighting for.



“Keep on doing what you know to do. When the path feels painful and thorny, remember that I walk beside you. I was pierced and wore a crown of thorns to set you free to walk a path of liberty.

What appears to chain you to earth is being used to produce my character and likeness in you. As you respond with faith, trust, and obedience, you are allowing my Spirit to lead and guide, and developing greater strength and resilience within you.

Though you yearn for ease and comfort in your life and circumstances, the very trials that appear to harm you are refining you like a diamond to reflect my light, and as gold to reflect my worth and purity.”



“I can teach you so much more if you turn to me during your hard and painful times, and let me carry the weight and burden for you. It is my desire that you become so accustomed to the handing over of your life, and yourself, that it becomes second nature to you.

It is only in the giving away that you are freed to receive. Let me hold you, comfort and strengthen you. Together we can accomplish more than you can dream or imagine. You are infinitely precious to me. I died for you and I will help you to truly live and keep you safe.”

Consider times in your life where God has guided, helped and comforted you. Let them fill you with a holy hope that is steadfast and certain.

Happy Bubbles
Joy Lenton

Joy Lenton

Chronic Joy® Contributing Writer and Poet

Joy is a grateful grace dweller, wife, mother, grandma to one beautiful boy, and an M.E and chronic illness sufferer for over 30 years. She’s a devotional writer for the Good Ground app, a contemplative poet sensing the sacred in the every day at, and a contributor to the Godspacelight blog. Joy is also the author of Sacred Noticing, Experiencing Lent, Soul Shots, Embracing Hope, and Seeking Solace.

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